What would you cut?

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    What would you cut to start dropping BF? Is there a rule of thumb to cut carbs first? Or calories? They way my diet was structured was every other weekend I would have a "re feed" mainly for sanity purposes and I guess to help the metabolism. I was working with a nutritionist and that how he had me set up. I learned a lot and would like to see if I can do this on my own this time. I also will start 2 on 2 off protocol with albuteral. I'll be cruising at about 200-300mg test a week and maybe the same with mast p. the same dose.
    My goal is to be in a deficit to cut BF.

    Here's what my daily intake looked like before I stopped with the nutritionist. Ive been pretty consistent with keeping this daily intake M-F but eat whatever on weekends with in reason of course. So I believe this is my maintainece numbers give or take a few. I will doing my cardio on the elliptical 30 min a day 4-5 days a week depending on work.??

    The 2 high days are the every other weekend numbers. Like I said these are the numbers I left off with. They all started much higher and then we gradually brought them down. Over 13-14 weeks I dropped about 18lbs. Following this plan while adding some strength.

    Appreciate any advice
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    You can cut either carbs or fats. Protein should be around 1g/lb BW or slightly higher.
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    Everything looks pretty good, but I would do 40-50g fiber personally.

    Also, I would highly suggest sprints over eliptical or tread mill. You will see far superior fat loss and even build up those abs.

    Or mix the two and do 20 minutes eliptical and 10 minutes of 20 yard dashes with 20- 30 seconds of rest between the dashes. You might have to start off with 10 yard dashes if you are not used to sprinting, but your body will adapt within a week or two.
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    Whats your current total body weight at ? I just ask because i know you're alot bigger than me and 24-2500 cals is really low in my opinion . I dont think you should be stalling out at 2400 cals to justify cutting cals lower, but if anything I would start out at a balanced split like your current diet is set up at . Then from there manipulate your macros before you started cutting total calories any lower.

    The way I diet down is alittle complicated . But the gist of It's based on a rolling diet with high fat - low carb days and visa virsa , in no particular order but just based off my dietary needs for that given day.

    So generally speaking your carbs are gonna be your most expendable macronutruient , but since your cals are so low already instead I would drop them down on certain days somewhere between 100-150g and bring fats up to around 100-120g , and cycle between high fat and high carb days . And an easy way to go about it would be high carbs on days when you can utilize them , like back and leg days . Then any other days where you just dont need that many carbs switch over to your low(lower) carb , higher fat diet . If anything taking this approach you could probably add a bit more food in to your daily total and still keep getting great results.

    On 2400 cals(give or take some) with that approach of macro -cycling you should drop a lot of weight before you even come close to stalling out . And once weight loss does stall id up cardio or intensity before cutting into your total calories anymore. Im a fat kid at heart (ok ok im just a fat kid period other than a few months of the year :D)so my approach is to eat the most food possible without impedeing progress .

    On a side note though im glad tracking your sodium/potassium ratio . I dont think people understand the importance of this ratio . I would track your diuresis with a.m- p.m weigh ins. and how well you feel through out the day for a week's time . Then switch up your ratios and repeat tracking to see what ratio works best for you . Some people will do better with potassium at a 3:2 ratio , or some a more even 1:1 , and some with sodium at a 3:2 ratio .. Something worth playing around with at least just to see what makes your body run the most efficiently ..
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    Currently I'm 6'2" and hover around 290
    It feels low that's for sure. Let me post up my daily food and you guys let me know. I weigh all my meats and measure all my rice and liquids

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    The only difference would be I usually sub my begal for 2 English muffins. I will also trade some oatmeal for a Rich Piana RF bar. The banana I usually eat with breakfast or just there after. The protein has also changed to ISopure so it has less carbs and calories and 3 more grams of protein. I've cut the balsamic dressing to 3 tablespoons of balsamic light and added straight balsamic vinegar to lower the sodium considerably.
    Other then that this is pretty much M-S. I can literally eat the same shit everyday and it rarely every bothers me. I'm a big creature of habit.

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    You're a house, jesus.

    Listen man, I'm not the guy for quality nutritional help. I'm far from a guru on the subject.

    I do know if i want to loose weight i eat less. If i feel tired when i eat less i will add some more carbs and drop some fat. I try to never sacrifice water and protien intake.

    Where I am at currently is a joke. I'm fat as fuck right now. Prob 25% or so. I know getting older changes shit but if I wanted to hit 15% in short order all I would do is cut out sugar and do cardio a few times weekly (which is in my future because I'm getting red in the face tying my shoes these days!!)
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    How the hell are you that big on such little calories? I'm 45lbs lighter than you, 12% and cutting on 4500cals lol
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    Right now I'm 6'3 around 245
    4500 ish cals
    6 meals plus pre and post workout
    Doing HIIT every day and training 6 days a week.

    I'm not sure how your body is, but I do well with keeping track the food high and just working more vs restricting intake
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    Everyone's metabolism is different got a cousin in the chairforce that stays shredded looks like he does cross fit but eats 5k a day (mostly shit food too). Slow metabolism is awesome when your bulking but sucks when it comes time to drop fat.
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    290 lbs eating 2500 cals a day is a pretty big deficit so I wouldnt worry to much about your particular macronutrient breakdown at this point .. The way its set up is pretty solid , just keep it nice and balanced and focus on total calorie intake at this point . Im assuming since you took the initiative to hire a nutritionist this is something ull be implementing as a lifestyle change rather than a hard core diet , so a nice balanced macro breakdown will be your most sustainable route.

    your diet looks good though , id personally consider upping the cals a bit to give yourself somewhere to go but thats my preference. And that kinda comes back to the point of keeping a diet thats sustainable as well . If you think you can handle a super low calorie diet long term go for it , but I personally end up crashing and rebounding if i try to force myself into super low calories over a long diet . I just always have better results when I start higher , and make incremental changes rather than throw the kitchen sink at it right outta the gate .

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    Lol I have no idea. I guess my metabolism is just slow as fuck. Ive had my thyroid test also and it's good. I look at fucking food and put on a few pounds. Been a big boy my entire life.

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    definitely a lifestyle change.
    well most of you think this is to low as it is. So I guess I'll stick back to this religiously. Then see what happens. I think upping the cardio and adding the albuteral will help a bunch also.
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    That's me also lol. I really want to get my shit together. I can be a super disciplined and dedicated. But I do lose my patience rather quick when somethings not working as it should. That was the reason I hired the nutritionist and then I finally got the desired results. Wether it's there knowledge or just accountability idk but there way worked for me. I'd really like to do it on my own this time without using them again.
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    accountability drives most people pretty far.
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    I love 40 yard sprints. Turns out to be some of the best calf and hamstring workouts you can ask for. I'm about to start them up for the year myself
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    Yes! I was going to add that in on how it helps develop those muscles but I figured my post was already long enough lol.

    Sprinting is something that is under-rated and over looked hard core. You get more out of 10 minutes of sprinting/ dashing than you do in 1 hour of steady state.
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    Another option is pushing a prowler or sled weighted down

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    So just sprint on the treadmill for X time then walk and so on? How long total? Might have to start out slow lol I haven't sprinted since running from the cops as a juvenile lol
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    Not a fan of treadmills... here is why..

    On a treadmill the “earth” or tread is moving under you. You are not pushing mass forward, simply lifting feet over and over.

    If that is all you have then it will work, but you are better off just going to the parking lot or a sidewalk or a high school football field and doing your sprints.

    So I would just start out doing 10 yard dashes. Take maybe a 20 second break since it’s a short distance. Do this for 10 minutes. When you get closer to the 10 minute mark you might need 30 second recovery at first.

    Give yourself a week or two then go up to 20 yard dashes and take 30 seconds between dashes.

    Trust me, you want to burn fat.. this is 100% the best way to do.
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