Whats going on with Finaplix H pellets?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by vpiedu, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. vpiedu

    vpiedu Member

    does anyone know what is going on with Finaplix H pellets? prices are high and thats if you can even find it anywhere. everyone seems to be out and links are getting shut down right now. WTF?

    MANWHORE Member

    What supplies does one need, in order
    to brew these things?

    Would it make sense, to just brew powder?
  3. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Did the feds finally figure out that the majority of Finaplix sales probably go to bodybuilders?
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    MANWHORE Member

    So, all we have to do now, to get them,
    is go out and buy a cow.
  5. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    If we bought more cows, we wouldn't need as much AAS
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  6. vpiedu

    vpiedu Member

    maybe they did, thats what i was wondering and if anyone had heard anything. thanks.

  7. leoclaw79

    leoclaw79 Member

    The second i realize how easy it is to convert fina itss impossible to find . Just my luck haha
  8. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    Most companies are saying it's on back order, this is the same thing that happened to Synovex H.
  9. vpiedu

    vpiedu Member

    intervet has stopped shipping them and will not resume for a month or so and once they do all wholesalers are going to require you to provide proof of a feedlot before selling you anything.

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  10. Thickneck

    Thickneck Member

    Price tripled where I used to go . Sucks
  11. Big_paul

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    more of our tax dollars at work. In these economic hard times you would think of peoples jobs first. the company that makes finaplix-h will most likely have to lay off half of its work force now that there largest customer base can no longer order their product.
    I see it on amazon for $150.
    Anyone own a feedlot or no someone who does?
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  12. Thickneck

    Thickneck Member

    That really sucks. $37.95 to $100 . Like big paul said people will lose there jobs.
  13. whitegato777

    whitegato777 Member

    I'm supprized a Chinese based company hasn't caught on and started making and marketing a generic substitute
  14. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    What is the latest update on pricing and availability?
  15. Jimmyinkedup

    Jimmyinkedup Member

    They stopped manufacture of these a few years ago. what was avail was the existing supply. It was replaced by revalor 200 which contains estradiol so the conversion is like a synovex conversion. It is avail for around the same price we could get fina h for. Nowadays its less worth the hassle with avail powder sources.
  16. duns5455

    duns5455 Junior Member

    so i just found this post... how many cows is needed to get them? we have 1 bull and 2 heffers right now and we are getting 3 more heffers... i heard that from a vet at my gym i can just get actual vials already made for them... and i believe insurance covers them? never thought my dad getting cows could work so well lol.
  17. pumpingiron22

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  18. Tippy

    Tippy Junior Member

    Just got some from Lambert. Had to sign a form, and they arrived two weeks ago with an April 2015 Expiration date, which leads me to question future availability.
  19. A-a-Ron

    A-a-Ron Member

    What was the nature of the form?
  20. Tippy

    Tippy Junior Member

    Essentially, just stating you're over 18 and you understand finaplix is for animal use only. Other than that, just technical stuff about using and storing cattle implants. They didn't ask for veterinary credentials like at least one other site does.

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