What's in France election Macron' leaked Emails?

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by master.on, May 7, 2017.

  1. master.on

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    Thanks God I'm not French (knock on wood) and I don't care about their election

    but just out of curiosity
    is there a content overview anywhere?
    Something interesting?

    Read some RUMORS of:
    - something like 'remember to buy some C for the boss' possible Cocaine
    - possible tax evasion
    - Rothschild family involvement

    Again I don't care about the French election but it would be fun if he losses despite leading in "surveys" and blames his loss on the hacking/leak.
    The memes would be Hillarious, quite literally.
  2. KillaBig

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    Le Pen, For the win
  3. high-octane

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    They should've released the hacks. People are always different behind closed doors. Citizens should know who they are voting for.
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Bet the Russians are messing with the French election like they did with the US so would not put it past them.

    They want Le Pen to win I am sure.
  5. high-octane

    high-octane Member

    Or hacker for Le Pen. Doubt Russia involvement with this or US hack. Most hacks are inside jobs pinging multiple foreign servers to cover tracks.
  6. flenser

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    ^^True about inside jobs, but more than likely someone working for Macron, disgruntled or disillusioned. A competitor would have made better use of the data.

    The Russian thing is so overdone I'm surprised anyone still believes it, even on the left.
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  7. Big_paul

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    Without a doubt they did, but it will back fire. After the bullshit that 3rd world country with nukes pulled in our election, you can bet there will be crippling sanctions in their future when trump goes in disgrace.
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