What's in your portfolio?

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    Real or simulated, tell us what you have and why you have it:

    All of my stuff is in the investopedia simulator, but I for some reason am pretty attached to it and get pissed off if I start losing money. So far I am outperforming the S&P by around 7.8%, mostly due to VRUS and CAT.

    CAT (Caterpillar) - I think CAT is a strong company run fairly well. I'm expecting them to get back near $120 a share eventually. They weathered the recession extremely well.

    VRUS - Check the VRUS thread here.

    EME (Emcor Group) - A mechanical/electrical construction company. I kind of bought them for fun to see keep track of them. I was kind of betting on this second stimulus package creating some sort of boost in gov't facility work for them.

    NTDOY (NIntendo) - Interested to see how they fare in the next gen console wars.

    Toyota/Ford/Honda - Own all of the above. I think Toyota and Honda will continue to rebound after production issues after the earthquake. Ford I think will end up being the only American brand you can trust in the long run. We'll see.

    I bought some GTX and sold it off for a little gain. I'm not sold on their products, but maybe I don't really understand enough about them.

    Also own Sanofi, Biosanti, and Gilead which are covered in the stock thread. Kind of just to keep an eye on them.

    I just shorted Pfizer for some cash. I probably should have held on to them for longer but i kinda wussed out.

    I am also shorting RIMM (Research in Motion) because I think that Droid and the Iphone will continue to put the nail in the Blackberry coffin.
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    I have had HUM all year and I'm up 44%. Just purchased Starbucks as well due to the long lines I see everyday. I'm long on both
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    My best buys were back in 2008. Thrifty car rental and avis car rental. I bought them for under $1 per share and sold them for well over $50.
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    TBT,TMV long term bond play that rates will eventually rise
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    If you guys day trade and like taking risks play around with Organovo (ONVO) they print 3D organs and their price fluctuates within 10-50 cents every few hours, a gamble for sure, but fun simulator wise.
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    fuck trading, way too many other ways to turn money a lot quicker now with a fraction of the risks