Whats it feel like to be on TRT

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    rush74 Junior Member

    Im sure everyone has a different experience but interested to hear how people on this board have reacted... do you feel like you did when you were 20 or is it a dfferent feeling to how you felt when you were at your peak. I use the analogy of viagra or cialis... even though my dick is as hard as it as ever been, it doesnt feel as natural or as good as when i was up naturally.

    thanks for your thoughts
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Now that I have all the bases coverd and am treating all the things wrong I feel great not 20 I am 63 but I feel great could jump the wife everyday if she would let me. I am back in the gym working out and losing weight.
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    love_en Junior Member

    I was born adrenal insufficient and hypothyroid. By the time I was 13, I became secondary hypogonadal. I am now 35 and on replacement T and cortisol. After living 20+ years with an incomplete puberty, I now have a taste of what a healthy young man looks like and feels like. For the longest time I had total ED, not that I noticed. The muscle wasting, pain, and fatigue had most of my attention all of these years. I do not have the body of a man who has had an intact endocrine system all of his life, but people who have known me since I was 21 say I no longer look sick.
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    Bill-NJ Junior Member

    At 41 I feel the best I can remember in years and I do not think I have reached 100% of potential yet but I do agree I could get at it with the wife everynight if she'd let me! Not to mention my energy levels and overall good feeling! I too was in need of cialis to have a go and now on TRT I am 1 of the lucky ones I need nothing but my wife now!
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    Sunkist Junior Member

    I think what I notice most is the depression ( for no reason) is gone. Part of that may be dopamine support, but I think not all. The athletic part is good too. I was a varsity baseball and basketball player in HS. I am not 18 anymore at 50, but I can still play a decent game and enjoy it. Recovery afterward is quicker too... not much muscle pain and soreness. My strength in workouts has improved just from the T by like 20%.
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    Nemesis RR

    Nemesis RR Member

    If you REALLY need it then what everybody else said.

    Not to brag but I have jumped the wife for the last 4 days.:D God I love her. Real understanding.
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    James26 Junior Member

    I'm actually in my 20's myself, and I feel like absolute shit.

    I wouldn't take any drugs to get back to this point in my life -- that's for sure. TRT doesn't help, either -- that's also for sure.
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    phatkid77 Junior Member

    TRT has to help, or something is wrong (thyroid,adrenal?), or the doctor isnt very good
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    Bill-NJ Junior Member

    TRT will not make you feel better if it is not the cause of your depression
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    Nemesis RR

    Nemesis RR Member

    Like I said if you really need it you will feel great.
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    JanSz Junior Member

    There may be anything wrong with you,
    starting with low testosterone,
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    food you eat may cause some alergy

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