Whats the difference between Tamoxifen FREE base and Tamoxifen Citrate?

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    I didnt realize they had a freebase form, if anyone can give me some info it would be nice.
  2. One you can smoke, the other is an oral tablet. :D

    Gonna have to look into this one...
    If i find anything, i shall return.
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  3. This gives a little insight...

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    The only information i found was that the freebase form is insoluable in water while the citrate form is somewhat a little soluable. Make sense cause raw tamox smell like bitter citrate and taste like sour death and for that to happen it needs to be dissolute somewhat in water (saliva)(.
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    The free base is made in dark alleys by heating Tamox mixed with baking soda in a spoon heated with a lighter.

    Now seriously, it has to do with solubility and possibly better absorption of citrate salt.

    You can easily convert free base to citrate salt by pouring Tamox-freebase in a glass with lemon or orange juice and stir.

    You can also order citric acid online, or purchase it with no ID at chemical shops. No big deal.
    if asked, you can say you want it for your own DIY fruit juices, or as a cosmetic or shampoo preservative. Google and print some recipes/formulas and take them with you.