What’s the longest you’ve ran?....

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  1. CherryChillin

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    This may end up being a good, long thread.

    My main question is, those who’ve run Anavar at a high dose, say 150mg a day, how long have you ran it?
    That’s my sweet spot for strength and aggression preworkout, maybe even 200mg May be even more profound.

    I plan on running this blast


    Test e 500mg

    Deca 600mg

    tren 450mg



    Test 750

    Eq “”

    Deca “”

    Anadrol 75mg 2on 2 off alternating with anavar 150 2on/off

    Proviron 75mg ed the whole
    Time and probably as needed for deca impotence after coming off.

    Plan on running everything from panda except the tren
  2. Eman

    Eman Member

    Lol... No kidding?

    That is more Anavar than anyone should ever need for strength and aggression for lifting.

    Pairing it with Anadrol is redundant and pairing it with tren makes me curious to see just how fucked your lipids get.
  3. TheBeat

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    Do you find 150mg var is equal to 75mg drol or what's the reason for the doses alternating like that? I remember I thought 50mg var was equal 50mg drol for strength and 100mg var was too rough on cramping and cardio because of it but drol I could run higher. Kinda like sweet spots for the compounds for effect vs sides. I see so many run var high and can't imagine, but never gave it a solid go because it seemed like things became compromised for whatever benefit it might offer.
  4. Gbro

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    I ran a 5k once. That's the farthest I've been.
  5. J DUGIN

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    100mg ed of Var tanked my lipids in 6 weeks. I didn't gain anything more than when I ran it at 30-50mg imo.

    150-200 seems silly.
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  6. nervje

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    So...the thread is about duration, yet this guy suggests a pretty normal 16 weeker and anyone else is talking about dosages.
    Whats the thread about now actually? Lol
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  7. ScabbyJr

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    Deca...20 weeks.
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  8. ickyrica

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    I used to be a half marathon guy, training one time hit 15 miles. Fat guy rolling along the road for that far must have been a riot to see!!
  9. Eman

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    It's going back to dosages because any amount of time using 150mg of Anavar is too long.

    That statement is an opinion, of course, I don't necessarily have data to back it up. However, from personal experience, I can say that I have not found 150mg to be better than half of that dose. It is better at creating side effects though I would say.

    If this is solely for the purpose of strength and aggression in the gym, drop the var entirely and run the Anadrol at 100mg.
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  10. ironwill1951

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    why would one talk about dose,duration and gains being made. without talking about health issues with that dose and duration?
  11. Oldschool

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    Where you been hiding youngster? Nice to see you around.
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  12. ickyrica

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    Unreal, I actually though about you today dude. I was wondering g where you'd been, it's been a minute

    Didn't you have a bicep tear? How's that going?
  13. ironwill1951

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    life got very busy. I think its time to retire.

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  14. ironwill1951

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    rotater cuff torn tendon, its healing but damn I hate being out of the gym.

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  15. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    I ran 18.3 once!
    Never ran a half marathon though I totally should have!
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  16. ickyrica

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    That's a fucking run haha!
  17. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Yeah but it took me a long ass time haha.
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  18. MeatHead69

    MeatHead69 Junior Member

    do you have any experience running anavar at this dose? or are you just regurgitating information that you have read on the internet?
  19. Eman

    Eman Member

    I'm not entirely sure if I've ever gone as high as 150mg to be honest, I don't think so. But if I did, it wouldn't have lasted long.

    However, I have run it at 100mg for longer periods of time... After doing that, I don't go higher than 50mg, maybe 75mg, for the reasons I outlined above.

    With that said, I don't need to have experience with anavar at all to know that, for the majority of users, lipids will be stressed, blood pressure will rise, diminishing returns will begin when pairing a high dose of anavar with tren and Anadrol for the purpose of increased strength and aggression.
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  20. mike4796

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    6 months. 3 of which involved tren. and it really just tired me out. i cant run over 8-10 weeks now. prefer not to. did u et anadrol finished or raws