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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Anthony__, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Anthony__

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    What's up forum. I'm new to the site and like all new members I have tons of questions.

    In the back of my mind through out training I've always had the curiosity of trying my first ever pro hormone. I'm not a competitive lifter, just an avid gym rat so to speak who loves to train. With that said I feel i'm at an age (33) where I can benefit from an exogenous supplement. That's what brought me to this forum.

    I want to know what the best route to go is in terms of a first cycle for someone new to this side of things. I'm worried i'll read something online that's falsified information and be lead down the wrong path if I ultimately choose to go that route.

    The one thing I read was that RPN Havoc was a good "beginners" drug to use due to it's limited and less harsh side effects. Ultimately I'm trying to be pointed in the right direction or get some guidance as to what to take, etc, etc.

    Sorry for the long post and I appreciate any and all help.

    TL; DR
    New the site
    New to prohormones/steroids
    Wanting to potentially start something up
    Unsure on what to take and where to learn about
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  2. The ole man

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    Havoc is a good pro-hormone. Will cause some night sweats and back/calf pumps.
    But you really need to up the dose. 30/40/50/60/60/60.
    6 weeks
    Split the dose up into 3 different times am/noon/pm
    But there won’t be that much gains off of it. And what you do get will be hard to keep. Also you will need to run a pct. tamoxifen 40/40/20/20.

    Why not just run a test cycle?
    Or both.
    Run Test E for 12 weeks at 600mg
    And jumpstart it with the havoc.
    Pretty much what I did my first cycle.

    But you need to understand pct and estrogen protection while on cycle.
    And you need to have everything including your pct and on cycle ancillaries before you even think about starting. Plus gains are made in the kitchen. You can take all the gear you want and train every day but if you don’t have your diet right then you won’t accomplish anything.
  3. Anthony__

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    Well seeing as it would be my first venture I thought taking the less is better route would be good for me.
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  4. The ole man

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    That is a good philosophy.
    However any cycle should have test in it.
    Havoc can mess with your lipids so Test is actually a safer route if your concerned.
    You could run test at 300 mg then if you want to start low.
  5. Anthony__

    Anthony__ Junior Member

    Where could I find out more about the Test E you're recommending, along with the supplements to run along side it during and pct, and a reputable site to buy from if I go that route?
  6. bambam333

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    Welcome. FYI just because prohormones are a pill and some are otc they seem more attractive to the inexperienced but pro hormones can throw your body a beaten with sides that are way worse than taking a test only cycle where instead you will actually feel good being on.

    Judging by your current knowledge I would say you need to do a lot of research still and know what your getting yourself into by messing with your hormones it’s not just inject get big and carry on. To point you in the right direction I’ll 2nd what ole man said and look into taking a testosterone only cycle as your first time

    You will need to know about testosterones conversion to estrogen which needs to be controlled so look into aromatize inhibitors example aromasin or arimidex and absolutely learn as much as you can about them and proper dosing

    Another important thing for you to research is pct and make sure you have all of that on hand and your protocol all set up before you even take your first shot.

    I’ll let someone else chime in but feel free to shoot your questions
  7. Anthony__

    Anthony__ Junior Member

    Yeah my current knowledge is pretty limited unfortunately lol.

    Does this site have the info needed to read up on Test E or is just using Google the best route? Idk if you can comment on here but what would be the best site to purchase the necessary items to run something like that seeing as some sites are not reputable.
  8. bambam333

    bambam333 Member

    That’s ok everyone started where you are Your gunna need to do a lot more research before even pulling the trigger on a purchase. This site has everything you need and a lot of solid guys that will chime in.

    IMO I would run a 12 week cycle of test e at 500mg per week. You will need to get an ai and pct as well. But your knowledge is far from ready you need to research everything about testosterone and it’s effects as well as ai’s and pct products. Know the effects the side effects and the protocols.

    Also what are your stats and goals. Do you have your dieting and training in check? How long have you been training? And also have you ran any bloodwork to check what your baseline testosterone levels are as well as your overall health
  9. Anthony__

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    I've been training for at least 10+ years. Training and nutrition are dialed in. Goal would be to add some size and muscle if I ran Test E.

    You're right, there is a lot of reading I would have to get done prior to even stepping in that direction. I have not had any blood work done so good call on that.
  10. bambam333

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    Yes absolutely do bloodwork and make sure they test for tesotsterone then don’t automatically do it. And for everything else they usually do CBC cmc lipids. Yes I started when I was young and did no research and messed myself up and wish I did some research