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  1. hi everybody i’m chocolate thunder. just introducing myself to the meso community, been a lurker for awhile.

    i plan to stay here for awhile so i just wanted to disclose that i believe i am the only transgender male here.(haven’t seen any others so just a guess) i know most of you won’t give a shit but others will bash and it won’t bother me.

    my reason to be here is the same as most of you, i want to expand my knowledge of AAS , diet, and training. i will be working with a well known coach here next week or so and begin a log in the proper section.

    all questions are welcomed. any hate or bashing will simply not be answered, but i am always open to mature adult conversations.

    thanks for reading - thunder
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  2. Eman

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    Welcome to Meso, CT.
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  3. thank you sir
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    Welcome chocolate thunder!
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  5. thank you logan
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    Welcome to meso.
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  8. thank you rip
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  9. thank you bro
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    Welcome bro, what are the stats you are trying to achieve through AAS? Size primarily? Oh and welcome to the world of testosterone, now you will understand why us men act the way we do all the time! Haha
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  12. thank you
  13. thank you rock!
    my stats are 26 yr old, 5”6 , 168lbs , 15-20 bf would be my guess.

    since my transition everything has been so crazy, it’s amazing what less than 2 years has done. my fiancé complains everyday lmao. she says the testosterone has made me a “stupid man”....oh well

    yes through AAS i want to achieve much more size and strength.especially upper body since genetically i am at a disadvantage for obvious reasons. i’m hoping ASS along with all the diet and training will put in the same ball park as if i were born male. i know i’m wording it weird but i’m sure you understand i wannna further my genetics
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    Welcome to Meso.
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    What gwaan?
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  16. thank you sir
  17. not much brother just chilling!
    thank you
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    Interesting. Welcome man.
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    Quit it with the damn gender stuff bro. :p:D
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  20. thank you worf

    ps. love me some trek, worf is badass
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