What's your profession?

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by BigGuy1888, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. BigGuy1888

    BigGuy1888 Junior Member

    Just wondering what everyone does for a living.

    I'll kick things off.. I'm a realtor, I was previously in IT as a Project Manager. In the future I plan to open a luxury hair salon suite, own commercial real estate and enjoy the residual income.
  2. i'm what you'd call a "john".
    i love women... no fatty's though!
  3. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    I wanna stay out of jail so I'll pass.....;)
  4. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Professional gas station night manager.
  5. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    Pole dancer
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  6. Les

    Les Member

    Porn star. I go by Buck Naked
  7. Hotrods12

    Hotrods12 Member

    Im in the labourers union and in the winter I work in a store as an NRT
  8. ddp7

    ddp7 Member

    Duke Nukem replacement
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  9. chop204

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  10. Salesman? Spokesman? Or are you a sentient pile of white, fluffy powder?
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  11. chop204

    chop204 Member

    All I'm saying is I accept western union
  12. ddp7

    ddp7 Member

    Bach essences google books fitness and health; or the bachflowers book of man.

    Your welcome :)
  13. ddp7

    ddp7 Member

    * and of course; a shoot of cbd oil before bed ( gotario)
  14. I work in mental health.
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  15. So1970

    So1970 Junior Member

    I'm a captain of a tugboat
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  16. tenpoundsleft

    tenpoundsleft Member

    This thread went loopy in a hurry.

    Management consultant here.
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  17. MindlessWork

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    Systems administrator at a local hospital. A side benefit is I get to meet some great ladies too :)

    The responses in here made me chuckle.
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  18. legendary

    legendary Member

    I have 2 jobs

    1) fortune cookie writer
    2) professional cuddler
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  19. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    I'm a DEA officer
  20. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Sneeze guard cleaner at a casino...
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