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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by John Daley, Apr 24, 2017.

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    To strangers it easy to take it as a compliment. just be amazed they think so and tell them WOW thanks
    To people at work, or familiar with you, just keep talking about protein and meal prep. I laugh all the time that grilled chicken is awesome at muscles
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    Hi brother, assuming you are born in 1991, you are the same age as me.
    Obviously I'm not sure of your living situation, but I live with my mum and she is very much against anything of this nature, she knows of my previous drug abuse (mostly coke/mdma) but only found out once I was clean, it took me 5 years to convince her to come Amsterdam and have a damn joint! I have a massive box of needles/syringes in a cupboard, if she sees it... so be it, but I cant bring myself to go out my way to tell her... I have a lot of freedom, but I suppose there is some guilt of her worrying?

    Sister knows, some close colleagues in my department, and close friends know.
    I completely agree with fuck the rest, we do this and make the sacrifices for ourselves afterall!

    Only thing that makes me think about this as potentially wrong is... isn't it the underground nature and lies that fuel the "mens fitness" fads into believing they can achieve great bodies in a matter of months? All the bullshit the media promotes, the supplement industry especially, it makes me wonder because a part of me believes that people should not be left to naivety (I guess I feel like its kind of cruel!) Maybe educating could be a better method?
    I am not disagreeing, I just feel like its a topic that should be (may already be covered).

    Do you live in the UK? I am not sure how a GP here would react to something like that, although I have a history over years with back problems, so I can probably break the ice using that with NPP.

    I suppose I am lucky with my employment, boss is very easygoing, enjoys gym also, he opened a conversation with me on steroid use at a staff do which I found quite fascinating, nice to know he wouldn't discriminate at least.

    I seriously might have to try this! Sounds great, poor gits wasting money on kilos of asparagus LOL!

    I could not agree more, and I can't add anything to that, it's so true, and then the other side of me yet again makes me want to give up on the people who refuse to have the insight/drive to even comprehend the lifestyle. Much respect brotha!

    When people ask me and I talk about Diet/Training, I must admit people do phase out after a minute of me talking haha. They think its small talk but hell, its a full blown conversation with me.

    The women part is of course the best aspect, ironically I gave up my social life 100% for gym, by the weekend, I don't have the energy to want to go out. In time I guess I'll find the right balance and ease my
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    Bro, the iron does not judge you, it tries you, its always there, always. You get out what you put in. With many things, moderation is key, except the iron. You have to hit it until you can't get back up again. The iron has your back. Find bbc's thread on women, same deal, you get out what you put in. Sone call it vanity, I call it destiny, I am not a man, I am a BEAST, and the iron has chiseled me into what I am. Confident, secure in my own skin. Seriously, set aside a few hours, read bbc's thoughts on opposite sex.
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    Wow, never even though of it like that... Might start using the "genetics" one considering I despise the supplement industry.
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    80% Diet and 20% Training. Discipline.

    It's a true statement. Then start talking macros, meal prep, clean eating and eyes glaze over.
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    I tell a few close trustworthy friends but fuck the rest
    I was just told saturday at the water park not to take my shurt off by one of my friend he knows wat up
    But usually i just laugh it off
    Tell em u went to a GNC sale and bought them out
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    Tell them their mother and gf cook good.
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    Haha must be a good feeling bro

    That sir, is an epic line. I may nick that :)
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    Man you hit the nail in the head!! Cold chicken and rice, praying for a microwave!! Hoping to get 1lb of lean muscle a month. It's a lot of work...more than just a shot of gear in ass.
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    Tell the truth gram an quarter week test and gram of tren.
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    That's why I tell no one about the gear....they'd all just look at each other and nod and say "yep but he's on steroids". Like that fucking explains everything. The normal people think they are some magic you take and poof instant muscles...fuck off...what about the 8 meals a day? What about the 2 hours a day in gym even after working a physical job for 10 hours? No drinking. No partying. Getting enough sleep. People have no idea the sacrifice....they really don't.

    I always tell people this. If you eat and act like everyone else you're going to look like everyone else. An overweight, beer swilling, Mcdonald's scarfing, couch surfing slug. No thank you...I'll be the weird guy who's in the gym late at night eating my sweet potatoes in the parking lot afterward...we are special...they want to be us but they don't have the balls to go and take it for themselves...fucking pussies....
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  13. i tell them, all i do is eat, sleep, train and work. Not far from the truth, just omitting certain, unneeded details.
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    I can totally relate. I work in a college and some of the coaches (who have degrees in exercise physiology, nutrition, etc) just say, "dang, someone is getting huge," while giving me a either a knowing smile or judging scowl. I never admit to anything. I do admit to taking orals to my immediate family because there is that odd notion that once you pin you have become the scum of the earth, but if you take it in pill form, it's all good. Of course my gp and my girl know...I couldn't hide the tren sweats from my girlfriend. Yeah, she knew something was up when I was soaked in sweat with two fans on me and the window open in the middle of December.
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    I've noticed when on 40mg Dbol I get seriously crazy sweats, 2nd time on now and its consistent with sweats, my girl always points it out saying I'm drenching her.
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    i guess the city I live in no one talks to me, and the city I moved from no one gave a fuck. I don't give a shit. Who cares if someone's juicing?
    People up here are pretty balls deep in other people's affairs, but I don't involve myself with them. Stick to yourself and you won't be bothered.
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    I am never bothered brother (in a negative aspect). People will always be in others affairs, its small minded, but unfortunately socially realistic.

    Update: So the mother confronted me 2 nights ago, and it was fucking hilarious.
    This is the most difficult of people within my family that could have found out. She said I have blown up considerably, I really wish I could fucking see it... numbers on the scale are on the rise (190lbs last time I checked).

    Actually had a very productive conversation regarding it. I threw in the study time, how its changed my outlook and quality of life (2nd cycle in)! I must say I am chuffed, she will never understand why... when my only answer in a nutshell is "to grow".
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    Goddamn... with the way my mom was last time I talked to her I would have thought she was 8 weeks into a 2 gram test tren blast with no estrogen blockers. Mood swings were insane.
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    I can fully relate bro, I blame Turkish genetics on my mother lol.
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    "I have german genetics and eat 4000 calories a day."
    "I do crossfit."
    "I eat 300 grams of protein and train 2 hours/day"
    Ive used all of them and people are usually satisfied, and/or they want me to give them tips or train them.
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