When an old time gear hoarder quits and gives up his stash.

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    A while back an old friend of mine who is older and quite huge decided to get off the junk. He is about 60.

    So he calls me and tells me what’s up and asked me if I would buy all his shit for a stupidly stupid low price. He is a horder of gear. I said I already have a pretty large stash as it is but ok. I have the cash and he was broke. Only downfall is he and I use the same compounds so I now have lots of test e, deca, eq, and suspension.

    Since I don’t sell it I am now paranoid at the amount of gear I have on hand. I plan to put it all in storage since in my area the average temp is 60s. I don’t need a controlled climate. Funny thing is he has only run EC gear for almost 20 years now.
    This is what I got from him without my stash D4C2C0D1-E30A-4424-BF3C-C55498BA388A.jpeg
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    I need a friend like that.
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    Don't you have any respect for old seniors wisdom?
    Don't criticize him. Don't contradict him
    You begin hoarding gear too.

    Wisest grandpa ever
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    Don't be paranoid, just stash and make sure you don't post pictures of it on the internet.
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    Good find by the way
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    Too late lol
  7. MindlessWork

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    Send some my way and I'll "test" it ;)
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    Once you start Homebrewing you'll understand how small a stash that actually is. Don't be paranoid! As a home Brewer just a small 100 gram order can be 100 vials right off the bat. For example 100mg NPP would be 100 vials. Test is easier, 250mg test goes through 100 grams fast.
    Nice buy, I like your friend!
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    Looks like a quarter of my current blast;)
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    I don't think you can make those jokes anymore since some actually DID send you free supplies to "test it".
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    So your paranoid cause you don't think it's gunna be enough gear for a respectable stash?
    Don't worry man, that's a good start for most people.
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    That and the multiple handle shit, too.
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    Ok my bad then
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    So true.

    Finding places to keep it becomes a new hobby on it's own.
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