When to Eat when Dosing Gh.

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  1. I know there's a pretty good bit of info on this subject via the search engine, but I wanted to get it cleared up and get some straight up answers on this so that myself and future people can be informed. From a scientific point of view this seems like a pretty important thing to get right seeing that misuse of GH can cause insulin resistance..

    So how long do you have to wait after eating to dose GH? And how long after dosing GH do you have to wait until you can stuff your face?

    @Evom1 I think Ive seen you talk about this somewhere. @ChestRockwell you know that your input is always appreciated.
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    Largely goal related... If the goal is fat loss, I would pin it fasted, do your cardio, and wait as LONG as possible to eat post-cardio... If the goal is hypertrophy, I personally will shoot it 45 minutes pre workout and take in intra-workout carbs and EAAs...

    This is what I DO, not necessarily what everyone will say is best...
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    His concern is pinning gH close to carbs. I’d say your method would be dependent on gH dose and insulin use.

    Curious how much gH, how many intra carbs, and what your current fasted blood glucose is?

    The data for where insulin resistance starts as far as gH dose seems blurry at best...
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    Can you expand on this please. I want to hear your train of thought on this, before I chime in with my $.02 :)
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    just saying there’s scientific evidence that exogenous gH use can lead to insulin resistance when taken in accompaniment of elevated blood sugar.

    I am by no means an expert, but that is the OPs concern, I assume.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.
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    @Wunderpus was absolutely not a challenge by the way; I’m genuinely curious what the entire protocol and result has been thus far. I haven’t made the leap to slin yet and if there’s a safe way to orient my gH use for hypertophy I’d like to make it.
  7. This is exactly my concern. Im on 4 ius simply in the morning, but it sucks having to fast for an hour after waking after my shot. Im thinking of switching to pm prebed shot or waking up at 3am to dose. Not sure of my blood glucose right now. Will be getting bloods soon though.
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    I think that anything over ~5iu/day of GH would likely be a waste without the introduction of insulin... So, if you're planning to run that much, or more, insulin would likely be wise to consider. If you are running less, I believe it's better off on its own... However, each user is different... For some, it makes sense to use insulin even with 5iu/day og gh.
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    Just buy a self-test kit from Walmart, definitely worth keeping an eye on more often than bloodwork, especially if you’re pushing more and more food, more gH, etc.
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    as far as the type of insulin, again, that varies tremendously, too. For most users, either post or pre workout humalog seems to be best. For those who can REALLY control their diet and are lean, Lantus seems to work well when used properly.
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    You will adapt to the fasting... It's worth it if your goal is fat loss. Likely you'll get "more" out of two 2iu shots than one 4iu shot daily.
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    We had a client blast lantus 2-3x a week on his weaker body part days with higher calories and higher GH on those days... It worked amazingly well... Pure lean mass gains. On the "off" lantus days we incorporated LISS cardio and lower carbs as well as berberine.
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    Would you be able to substitute using insulin with metformin instead
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    I've covered this in quite some detail within my articles. It largely has to do with what your goals are with GH.

    The presence of insulin largely suppresses those lipolytic pathways GH potently activates, but can be used to one's advantage if hypertrophy is the goal (in the presence of anabolics of course).
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    I've been curious about this approach
    Meadows and Bostin have both talked about it
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    Was are the pro’s / con’s to pre vs post ?
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    Can you link an article of yours
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    They are on the home page
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