When to inject Winstrol?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by mannyfresh, Aug 10, 2006.

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    mannyfresh Junior Member


    I have a quick question. When should I inject Winstrol...meaning how long before I work out? I know it acts pretty quick, so if I work out at 7:30 in the morning should I take the shot before I go to bed (around 10 or 11 PM)? If I work out around 5 or 6 PM, should I take it around 10 AM?

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    ForemanRules Member

    What are you stacking it with?
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    bhandsome562 Junior Member

    I always heard that winstrol make your joints painfull.. I have winstrol but thats way i never took it... Its just siting there looking pretty.
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    mannyfresh Junior Member

    I'm actually asking for 2 of my friends...they are taking Winstrol alone. They are collegiate athletes so they don't want to take Test or something like that that can be tested for up to a year later.

    Just trying to figure out for them how long before they lift should they take the shots. They'll be doing it ED.
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    MaxRep Member

    Why bother taking it by injection?

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    unt0ld Junior Member

    Drink that crap!!!
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    van-man Junior Member

    Test cannot be found a year after taking. that is why I use it. Deca and Eq can because it has a habit of binding to fat cells. so, when you exercise and burn fat that deca is released back into the body. Thus popping positive on a piss test. Unfortunately, the deca that binds is not even enough to give any benefit, only enough to screw ya'.
    When they test for testosterone they check just the levels. mostly.

    as far as the winny goes.... you're looking at a 6hr half life when taken orally; slightly longer when injected. I use the six hour rule for all non-esters. So, base your dosing decisions on that fact.

    also, I only take it orally.
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    mannyfresh Junior Member

    They have the liquid, so that's why they're taking the shots. Why would they drink it? They'd be wasting some of it.

    VAN-so they should take it about 6 hours before lifting is what you're saying?
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    van-man Junior Member

    No, half life is like saying, how long the drug will be useful. So, you would want to get in and out of the gym within that 6hr window. I personally take my orals about an hour to an hour and a half before lifting. I do this because outside of the strenght benefits of the orals, the real benefits come in the muscle repair stage after you lift.

    And drinking it is not wasting any of it. The liquid is not really a liquid anyway; its a powder held in solution. That is why you have to shake it up before drawing it out of the bottle.
    In the past when I've used the "liquid" I just draw the dose into the syringe, take the needle off, and squirt it into my mouth. It tastes like chalk, but you don't have those sore injection sites. You get the benefit of freeing up some bound test when taken orally, but it is harder on the liver when taken orally at higher doses for longer periods of time.

    You should also be aware that at doses over 20mg ED it is harder on your joints, ask foreman he'll tell you.
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    jasthace Member

    I dont see anything wrong with taking anabolics before bed as thats when your body does most of its recuperation and the conbined effect with natural secretion of GH must be a contribution to better results.
    Winny is a fast acting substance so it will also be good to take before working out as you get great pumps and go far.
    Why not split your dose half before workout/bed.
    What kind of sport are you and your friends involved in? have you ever wonderer why alot of sprinters get hamstring injurys?after you've taken winny you will know.
    It is rather a bad choice for explosive sports,but good for pumping up and standing around posing.
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    ana1 Junior Member

    LOL! Exactly, just drink it especially if you don't like ED shots. You'll lose a little through stomach absortion, but just simply up the dosage a tad. No test in the cycle huh? Grab ya some Glucosamin for those nasty joint pains along with some propecia. Lol. Well not really, Winny is like a weedeater on my hair line and I 'm not even prone to hair loss. Yea but ust drink that stuff or maybe shoot one day and drink the next and so on and so on.........


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