When to run HCG

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    I came across a forum online when researching hcg

    "Don't waste your money...

    As for hCG, I don't understand why anyone would want to create another level of suppression in their HPTA? There is really no use for hCG, it desensitizes leydig cells in your testes to Leutinizing hormone so that when you eventually cease using hCG it takes a while for your testes to become sensitive to your own body's natural LH, thus prolonging your recovery. The use of hCG in males is limited to increasing fertility in HRT such that guys have enough viable sperm for their partners to conceive. When you are "shut down" your testes actually become more sensitive to LH due to receptor up-regulation. All that hCG will do is prolong your recovery.

    Enclomiphene citrate increased testosterone and sperm counts. Concomitant changes in LH and FSH suggest normalization of endogenous testosterone production and restoration of sperm counts through the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis."

    I was under the impression to start HCG before pct to get the testies producing again and then move onto a clomid/nolva PCT

    Would one be better skipping the HCG and going straight into a PCT once the steroids have cleared from ones system?
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    It is best to use hcg during your cycle to keep the leydigs fresh. It won't create another level of suppression.
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    Appreciate the reply.

    What would be your recommendation on dosages and length during the cycle?
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    500-750 iU/week for at least 80% of the cycle length.

    You can do things many different ways. This is the one size fits all recommendation.
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    Rich Piana made a good case for not using it on cycle

    It's on YouTube
  6. I’d probably discount this persons article, unless he had referenced legitimate studies that back his claims up, and legitimate studies doesn’t count bro science. Wtf is another level of suppression, hcg will prevent the gonads from being suppressed, that’s less suppression. You can find studies re hCG as an alternative to trt for hrt.
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    I'll help you with everything you need bro. Dont spill your shit to these fuckers, they'll only bash you and give you shit.
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    The worst sort of bro science in that OP, wherever it's from. I wouldn't trust another thing he says.
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