Where are the bigger girls?

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    Certainly no offense to anyone or any types, not meant to be. So please, bikini girls don't get offended. I love all women!

    But just wondering, as i've been in here awhile now but with regards to regular posting and such, there don't seem to be girls that have some size to them (aka, more in the women's physique/women's bodybuilding type classes).
    There are quite a few women I follow on instagram and they have some significant size to them (think women's physique or women's bodybuilding/wings of strength type). But on instagram you don't have the privacy you have here...at least for me.

    I personally, am looking to put on some size and I wish I could ask some of those IG women what they "use" lol. I know, I know, their cycles will differ from mine, etc (and most of them are pro's and their doses are going to be out of this world, etc). But i'm just freakin curious lol.

    Anyway, i'm planning my next cycle, which will start on 7/1. Planning to do NPP (ran it for 6 wks last time, loved it), but thinking about doing primo enanthate this time. My last show was 3/31/18. I've got the bug now and now want to grow. I competed in women's physique.

    So this post is 2 parts lol:
    -where are the bigger girls
    -input on planning next cycle
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    Pics ?
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    No i dont need pics thanks. Was hoping to see chats/posts here of some bigger girls. But big means pro probably and they probably hang elsewhere.
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    Are you bigger ?
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    Dude. You changed the avi.
    I’m heartbroken.

    Also OP i’ve noticed that the bigger more jacked women on meso are usually guy’s wives. It’d be cool if they’d make account and share their secrets.
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    Fetlife has everything and anything to get your rocks off

    You're welcome
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    I think you might actually be surprised. As with most individuals at a higher level, it really comes back to genetics.

    With that said, some will tolerate the drugs very well too... Making it easier for them to run gear. While others, may not take much of anything... I know a girl on another forum that is fucking jacked and she only recently started running some mild cycles. When she started the drugs, I guarantee she was bigger and more ripped than 75% of the dudes on this forum.
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