where can i buy tren online?(safe and not fake)

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by marcus87, Dec 19, 2006.

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    marcus87 Junior Member

    just want a website from you guys. if you have any recommendations please post me.
    thnx guys! bye
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    MaxRep Member

    Your first post here and you're asking where to buy illegal drugs? You're a pretty funny guy.

    Good luck,
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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

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    doublebicep Junior Member

    You have got to be kidding! Maybe meso 5 years ago but things have changed!

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    mrc0703 Member

    that link doesnt work lol ... dont you know we all make our own homebrew gear .... dont get it over the internet there all fakes
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    prodigy06 Junior Member

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    dennis Member

    Since this post is a joke anyways:>>>>>Hey Prodigy, The pellet form fina is awesome but that darn aplicator gun you inject the pellet with really hurts ! [:eek:)]
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    GeaR_and_SauCe Junior Member

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    prodigy06 Junior Member

    lol I bet, but the question was "where can I buy tren" not "where can I buy tren that I can use"

    you can buy all the tren ya want, I'm sure your cattle will get HUGE ;) wink
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    atomicone Junior Member

    Also, once you get the Fina pellets you should read some of the quality posts on how you can chew them (8-10 per day) or even make Fina-Meatloaf (my personal favorite). Bro, this should help tremendously and is guaranteed to increase your weight by 50lbs in 3-4 weeks.

    Good Luck!
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    prodigy06 Junior Member

    I mix them into an easy to chew portable home made protein bar, for juicing on the go.
    Finabarz :' D
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    dennis Member

    Seriuosly guys..if you read any history on me you will see i work and live on a ranch..we actually use ralgro products on sheep and cattle..those pellets we inject into their ears..that gun is a real painfull process..the cows hate it ! no bull ! My vet was out here last week for a horse we had that was off her feed..he pulled out a 50 cc bottle of eq and hit her with 10 cc's..i was like..hey spill some of that on me ! Iasked him to sell me the rest of the bottle so i could give her more later..He said "where is the 50 ml bottle of stano I left you last month ? needless to say I did not get the eq. :mad: Cant you see me and prodigy holding down max rep while manwhore is injecting a pellet of fina into his ear ????
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    ramos7777 Junior Member

    ive already told you where,but you havent pm me
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    MaxRep Member

    Hey... you guys are Not funny! :eek: :)


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