Where do you get your sterile oil?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Sakn'Post, Jan 14, 2005.

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    Sakn'Post Junior Member

    Where online?
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    LittlePrince Junior Member

    Try your search button...IF that fails go to Hy-vee

    I'm serious..i bought a gallon of Peanut Oil...sure its alittle thicker and sure if your allergic to it you could die. BUT i'm not
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    Sakn'Post Junior Member

    Thanks for the insight.
    I found that button that says "search" but I didn't know how to click it.
    Since I have no arms or legs, I could not type a search in anyway.
    I've searched sterile oil, usp oil, cutting oil, etc.
    I did a search and now I'm posting my question:


    Now I will offer some insight to you...
    This is a discussion board!
    If you have a question, ask it!

    I just want to know if there is a place online that's NOT named Juice4You.com, PlugMyAssFullofGear.net, or MrWizardsGuideToHomeBrewSteroids.com that other guys use.

    It's not some big secret society or something, just oil.
    I need to pick up some sterile oil to cut some test and do not want to leave a paper/e trail to a site like that--
    Even if what I'm buying is legal!
    So thanks again LittlePrince and if anybody has other spots, let me know.
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    Sakn'Post Junior Member

    bump...sterile oil...anybody?
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    KCSMAN Member

    Dude How Much Do You Want!!! I Gave You A Couple Of Sites That Sell It.
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    Hybrid404 Junior Member

    Use of oil as injectable base


    I use either grapeseed or cottonseed oil. The grapeseed oil I buy at my supermarket and the cottonseed I get from a supplier (selectoils.com). Now to sterilized and prepare oil for injection I follow the procedure outlined below :

    1. Allow oil to sit undisturbed for 7 to 10 days.
    2. Using a sterile 20cc irrigation syringe decant the top 1/3 of oil.
    3. Place oil into pyrex container and heat to 275 degrees for 45 mins.
    4. Place oil into testtubes and centrifuge at 1500 rpm for 10 mins.
    5. Decant all but the last 3ml or so from the centrifuge containers into sterile vial.

    6. Use in preparation of injectable product.

    I researched the method by which USP grade oils where prepared and this is pretty much the procedure used industrially to prepare this product. Filtering the oil at the micron level is also possible but is very slow and expensive.

    Since I don't have a centrifuge I built a small cage that sits in a washing machine and the spin cycle takes it up to 1500 rpm for as long as you like and the motor is big enough to load over a liter of oil per cycle.

    My oil has tested gram negative every time I get it tested (which is before use in any product).
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    patsfan Junior Member

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    extralarge Member

    I do a research and i'm also with dificulties in find steril oil (i don't want to order online, i'm trying to get on local pharma).

    And i got an question also.. all Vegetal oil USP grade can be injected? I'm in europe and here we don't have USP grade(united states pharmacopeia grade), we got Ph.Eur. Grade(Pharmacopeia European Grade). i think they are the same(follow the same padrons on manufacturing)..???
    If it is, any local pharma can give this to you.
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    extralarge Member

    Does any one know if Castor oil Ph.Eur. or Peanut Oil Ph. Eur. it's good homebrew to inject in humans?
    i'm thinking on these mentioned oils from Fragon Iberica...
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    jw2031 Junior Member

    it's $500.00 per 5 gallons from WHC Oils

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