Where do you guys ship your stuff to?

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by Bodybuilder26, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Bodybuilder26

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    Should I get a PO box or just have the stuff delivered to my apartment?? I live alone and I'm there almost most of the day? just curious what you guys are doing?
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    Lmao this should be good
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  3. ickyrica

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    Direct to your house. Your name. Like it doesn't even matter.

    If they want you it isn't going to matter. They have you. When mail is involved they investigate well. It's far from something like a traffic stop.

    You brew or buy finished?
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  4. Eman

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    Send to me, I'll take care of the rest.
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  5. Bodybuilder26

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    Thank for actually answering, nah just wanting finished products but I'm looking at international products. I mean I get it when the government wants you they gonna get your ass, I just want your guy's opinion. I'm looking to maybe stock up and just for personal use, not trying to deal or anything. I understand, a few bottles of TEST isn't that big of a deal unless they got more shit on you. I have been browsing forums and seeing people's opinion and advice on this but I felt like asking it myself.

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  6. ickyrica

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    I'd def use my real name and address in your case. If you have more going on than steroids, that may open up doors you want to stay closed. But what's life without a little risk?

    If you're getting weight use a reship service, imo.
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  7. DrinkFlintWater

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    I use my Meso handle....ship it to my buddy Ed's house. He ships it to @MindlessWork then he ships it to my aunt Susan..from there she gets in her Honda and treks 95 miles to a safehouse 2 miles from here. Hands the pack to Johnny (local crackhead) he then rides it to my house on his huffy with a flat tire no less...leaves the pack on my back door and takes the pack of Newports waiting for him hidden on my neighbors gutter. I try to safe man but I'm sure theres always room for improvement.