Where does all the extra test go.

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  1. Sak

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    So As you know most men produce about 5mg of testosterone per day. That's enough to give you an ng/dl ratio of 833 pretty damn high. So why is it that 250 mg per week is considered a maintenance doce and is usually used to get you up to 700 + ng/dl? That's 50 times what your body produces daily... so what happens to all the extra test?
  2. Demondosage

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    It's not 50x what a normal guy makes, if it was 50x my levels would be 50,000ng/dl on 200mg of test a week
  3. Sak

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    But I read that men only produce 5 mg a week, over the course of a week that's at least 25 g so a single shot of 250 mg a week would be 50x of the normal ammount.
  4. Xlgx

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    Converted to dht and estrogen
  5. Sak

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    So if someone were to use low doses let's say like 50 mg per week they would still have extremely high levels without conversion?
  6. Eman

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    Lol, wut?
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    I was ready to make calculations and explain shit over here, but then I saw that and I ran away.
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  8. Robfromga

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    Relatively high levels of what?
    Your numbers are all kinda fucked up.
    You're body isn't making the equivalent to a gram of test a week. You'll make about 50mg a day. Maybe, all thing depending .

    You also can't try to mathematically compare that to an external source, because it would have an ester attchhed which slows how it's absorbed. Then consider there's a timed release of your natural test.

    What's your point any way?
  9. Evom1

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    5 x 7 = 25,000

    And 25,000 is 1/50th of 250

    Well, at least that's what he just wrote...
  10. Eman

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    No it's not lol...
  11. Sak

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    Over a course of a week that's 35 mg is what I meant to say
  12. Sak

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    Yeah I'm sorry I'm kind of half adding when I'm typing I know the body doesn't produce a gram of test a week. I read that it produces 5mg daily.

    I don't have much a point I was just kind of curious after reading that.

    If we only produce 5mg a day then 250mg a week is so far above what our body produces naturally, yet when bloods are taken the numbers come out relatively normal as 250 is considered a maintain effect dose. I was just wondering how that's possible.
  13. Holidaypay

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    50 mg×7=350 mg a week give or take diet an a bunch of other variables
  14. Holidaypay

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    Is it me or is there 0 missing in all his calculations
  15. Evom1

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    5milligrams per day times 7 days per week he says is at least 25 grams or 25,000 milligrams

    And that a single shot of 250milligrams would be 50 times the normal amount, which he just said was 25grams or 25,000 milligrams. Therefor 25,000 milligrams is 1/50th a 250milligram shot

    He's terribly wrong, but I was sarcastically writing out his math

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  16. Sak

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    I'm rushing as I post

    5 mg a day over the course of a week is 35 mg

    I read that the human body only produces 5 mg a day.

    So injecting 250 mg per week would be introducing just under 50x the ammount of testosterone your body produces naturally.

    5 x 50 = 250.
  17. Robfromga

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    To that 50mg is an approximation. Sure some 21 year old kid may produce more, while a 80 year old man might not make much at all.

    Remember, when you inject testosterone, it normally has an ester attached. That slows the absorption down. What you produce is pure test. It's absorbed quicker, breaks down quicker and is cleared away.

    You cannot compare mg to mg in that regard. That's why 100-150mg of test cyp will yeild 650-800tt levels .
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  18. Robfromga

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    No .Because the testosterone your body produces is absorbed instantly, or quickly. It's like pinning 250mg of test base and then nothing for 3 days, you won't have any of that test base in your system .
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  19. Sak

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    Very logical explanation. If someone wanted to use test no ester for a pre workout or before laying the wood for one night, what do you think would be a safe dose to use?

    Since the test is absorbed almost immediately 100 mg for one shot would be way too much?

    Is it even a good idea to use no watered test while not on cycle?
  20. Sak

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    That pretty much answers my other question. Lol. Thank you for all your help. I was quite alarmed when I read that the body only produces 5 mg per day. I'm going to read up more on esters and release time in relation to the actual levels in the body.
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