Where does all the extra test go.

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    Thank you to everyone who answered and I apologize for the Ancient Egyptian arithmetic.
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    Good idea, this whole thread will really help you at the gym.
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    100mg is probably a good dose. I've done 75-125pw or pre fun. About 1.5 hours pre. You will probably have some pip. I prefer TNE in oil vs water, seems like there's less pip .
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    The consensus of a Google search shows that the average male produces 6 or 7mgs a day, so its more like 50mg per week
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    I was doing the math from this response
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    The average natural production is ~10mg per day. TC and TE are ~70% testosterone so 100mg/wk is the typical dose (10 * 7 = 70 for the hieroglyphic fans). Some need more, some need less depending on how fast stuff is converted, the number of CAG repeats in one's androgen receptors, the sensitivity of the hypothalamus to estradiol and other androgens, etc ...

    As to where the testosterone goes, like all molecules in biochemistry, it is converted to other stuff. There are four known pathways. See bottom of this diagram: KEGG PATHWAY: Steroid hormone biosynthesis - Homo sapiens (human)
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    Nicely done.
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    I get what you are trying to say... normal males 35 mg a week and gets his TT to 600.
    I inject 60 mg a week and gets me to 600.
    I think some of my 60 mg test cyp is ester weight ( not sure but say it’s 30% due to ester weight, then that leaves me injecting an actual 42 mg a week of “test”). So those numbers make sense.