Where to find BB related shirts - that aren't mass market brands

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  1. tenpoundsleft

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    Like most of us, I look at YouTube vids of various lifters and pros - to learn. I've noticed that many have cool tshirts (Yates in that blue DY shirt of his, or BPak in different Scitec shirts etc) so I go looking for them online, but can't find anything. At best I come across some other, far more boring design than they wore in the video.

    Haven't found much or anything on eBay either.

    Does anyone know where to get cool shirts like that - ideally shirts that'd benefit the people who do all these free and good YouTube videos. People like Yates, BPak, Priest and others.

    I'm not interested in big brand (Nike, Adidas, UA, Fila etc) logo shirts, and I don't care for the stupid shirts on Amazon or elsewhere with "Beast", "Sun's out, gun's out" or other unoriginal print on them.

    Anyone else who can relate to the above?
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  2. DrankSlangin

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    Good question, will be watching for suggestions. I’d love have some old 80’s style stringer backs that didn’t have a bunch of cheesy writing on them. In fact plain would be ideal.
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  3. Ironlord

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    I often wonder if some of those shirts you see in the videos are one-offs done just for the sponsored athlete... Ive had the same issue finding Thor and Eddie Hall shirts from their videos too..
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  4. D-max

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    I had to laugh at this part. Where I live you must weigh less than 150 lbs and have 11 inch arms to wear the coveted "beast" shirt. You wear the shirt with pride and strut it, cuz you got "abs".
  5. Ironlord

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    Abs...lol...don't all those 15 year old newbs have abs ? Guess the "Beast" shirts are hitting their market...
  6. Brandaddy

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    Ha. This Just reminded me of the other day when the owner of the gym I go to was talking to my buddy and I. He was complimenting my friend because he's gained like 70lbs the last couple years since he started lifting. He said, "yeah, you were just a little guy when you first started coming here." (He was 6'1 and 150lbs). All the while there was this kid the same size flexing in the mirror with his shirt off behind us. My buddy said, "Yeah, there's my before picture right there" pointing at the kid. Haha
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  7. Xlgx

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    How about monsta brand, hrd Lvn? House of pain? Ryder?
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  8. Btcowboy

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    Gorilla Wear but that may be too branded for ya idk.
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  9. flenser

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    Maybe you should ask Millard to print some shirts. Give the profits to ABL, something like that. Would be interesting to see what slogans meso-ans ask for..
  10. tenpoundsleft

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    Great idea - because I go through gym gear - squatting tears up shirts.

    I'm done paying for massmarket advertised stuff - if I can avoid it.

    Some kind of Meso shirts - y-back or other tank - would be great.

    @Millard Baker
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  12. Xlgx

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    Gasp is expensive af...
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  13. have you checked if they have a store link on their instagrams?

    you can probably email/DM them and ask also.
  14. I know, it's expensive but worth it in my opinion (durability and look). Took a lot of big orders but I was successfully able to replace most of my wardrobe with it lol.
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  15. tenpoundsleft

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    Hmmm, real $$$ or some discounted Canadian $? Not bad but pricey.
  16. My bad, try:

    GASP Men's Tees

    For USD
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  17. DrankSlangin

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    Thanks man! Just placed an order.
  18. CAswole

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    Elitefts .com has allot of cool shirts. Get the tri-blend material. Very soft and fits really good
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  19. tenpoundsleft

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    Hey - nice one - their regular prices BLOW - but the have a lot on sale which is priced the way I like it. Thanks!

    Spoke too soon - all sold out. Not spending $40-$70 on a tshirt.