where to get the best gear?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Avies48, May 15, 2012.

  1. Avies48

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    ive been reading almost ever thread on here, and it seems as though there is not 1 place that has the best gear? someone always has something negative to say, and the prices differ so much im not sure who to trust or where to get my stuff,
    but im at a cross roads as i think my guy is making a good bit off of me?:

    i recently bought deca, and some test cyp, the deca cost me $90 a bottle, and the test cyp (even though its 250/10ml) was like 120 a bottle,

    ive seen some crazzy prices people have been posting, and for them thats awesome, i just wonder where i should turn for great pricing and good products?

    my stuff i get, i see gains on, and know its pretty good, but for the prices ive seen posted, i feel the guy is making a bit too much off of me?

    any info ?

    thanks guys appreciate it!
  2. mands

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    If you want domestic shipping it's a little harder to find but the following ship domestic US:

    United Anabolics

    Do some research on these and you will not be disappointed.

  3. MuscleMind

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    Theres sources all over that are good, its just who you decide to go with.
  4. Avies48

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    Thanks guys!

    Mands-i think it was one of ur posts that u said u get ur stuff pretty cheap, this is what made me look into why i was paying so much for my chems! Now if u know the guys i guess u could get cheaper (cost wise not product wise) gear qnd that ls what i thought when i went thru a "buddy" but was i wrong!

    Mind- pm sent! Thanks!
  5. mands

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    Do some research on the ones I stated. Their prices are unreal.

  6. Avies48

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    Sounds good man! Ive been looking on google but have yet to really come up with any credible links except for Power pharma but i have an iphone and no flash allowed on this thing!

    As far as ip gear and united, i really cant find anything?

    Would u happen to have a link to either? I know, dumb question but had to ask!

  7. MuscleMind

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    I have never seen a link to those sources.
  8. Avies48

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    Actually had an email from ipgear burried in my spam folder! I guess i dis know how to get ahold of them a long time ago!! G2G!

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate it!
  9. mands

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  10. biggerben69

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    ^^^This. I wouldn't have posted it I would've pm'd it if I was the good brother but as long as he did...there are national level competitors that sweat by united anab. I mean its the only shit they'll use. Real talk. I speak to 2 guys almost daily and they've never ever been happier.
    You won't find a link to united or IP. You need their email and then they'll send you a list. They are not private. Keep looking and you will find it. I'm not trying to be a dick but I won't give out the email because don't know you my man.
    Oh...and don't feel bad about what you're paying. My first cycle was back in '94 and I paid $300 for 10 amps of omnadren. Had to pay my dues...goes with the territory.
  11. biggerben69

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    Pm'ing emails or source names seems to get guys labeled as shills trying to set people up to get scammed. I'd rather not get into a pissing match on an open board. People might think mands and i are working together to push UA.
  12. Avies48

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    No prob man totally understand! I already had ip's email dugg it outa my spam folder from a while back, will def check into united because yes, they do sound pretty awesome!

    Got a few to research so i will find united's

    Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated!
  13. Dr JIM

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    Unless you intend to do a test cycle exclusively expect to spend between $200-400 bucks for an 8-12 week cycle including pct. Since better deals can frequently be made with purchases approaching $400-500.00, locate a reputable source (try Mand's suggestions in this instance) and try to acquire your AAS on a "wholesale"
    basis by sharing the expenditures
    with some mates. But understand cycling is definitely NOT for those with a shoestring budget whose primary concern is cost, which often compromises quality, the latter being the last thing you should consider....,get the good stuff!
  14. I have a list if needed u can PM me. Or just keep researching & reading. You'll eventually find what you're looking for...

    MANWHORE Member

    I would like to check your list out..
  16. Dr JIM

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    Oh send it to me also!
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  17. PM me for list.
  18. DMel

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    Hi guys
    It is my first post here. I need help. Could someone pm me a list of real legit websites. I need international shipping cause living in downunder.
    Appreciate your help.
  19. Shipping to the "down under" is tough! I only know of one source that ships there with good success, but no Guarantee of delivery.
  20. DMel

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    I would try your source... pls pm