Which AAS stack for a Keto diet CUT

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Jaxino, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Jaxino

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    Maybe this is just a brain fart.... but curious to hear your opinions.

    If i would like to cut on a Ketogenic Bodybuilding Diet: low carbs, moderate proteins, high fats.

    Which AAS stack would be the best?

    I don't think that tren will shine here.... Maybe PRIMO? DHB? Test DHB Mast?
  2. Mac11wildcat

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    Why keto is my question?

    If your concern is mass preservation and you’re already going to be on AAS then skip the high fats, up protein, and keep carbs around your workout. As long as you’re in a deficit you’re losing fat. It’s nearly impossible to lose muscle mass while on AAS unless you’re going EXTREMELY low cal.

    Test/mast/tren would be my go to. Primo isn’t a bad addition anywhere in a cutting cycle either. DHB i believe is said to make you hungry; why suffer? Winny as an oral if you wanted one or needed an extra push. Just my .02.
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  3. Jaxino

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    You are right why should i ever go keto.....
    The idea come to my mind by thinking about how to keep hunger down... keto should help

    But just did a minicut with lots of sweet potatoes and veggies and it worked, hunger was suppressed enough. Better to keep staying on low fat meidum carbs high prot diet.
  4. brutus79

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    It is a scientific fact that the more time you spend in keto the higher the risk of homosexuality. I heard crazy stories... one day you turn down some bread and the next day you realize you are trying to jam 2 dicks in your mouth. Be careful.
  5. Mac11wildcat

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    I ask because Keto has become cultish. Naturally the end of a heavy diet is near zero carbs, but the moderate protein/high fat and ALWAYS zero carbs has time and time again been proven not ideal.
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  6. TX_Hempknight

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    I did keto a few years ago, lost a decent amount of fat. But i was fanatical about it. 15-30g of carbs total per day. It sucks. But what they dont tell you is the rebound after you go back to a regular diet or bodybuilding diet. You will gain some back. I gained at least 20lbs back. It is much easier to go with a sustainable clean diet.
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  7. Jaxino

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    Meanwhile I read an Italian book about human physiology and for what i learnt....

    Keto is good just for 6-8 weeks maximum to reset our glucose sensitivity. In the long run it sucks for our body.
  8. johntt44

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    Well, it's a MEAT diet, so its carried over into your sexual appetite. I heard Atkins was a homo...
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  9. Eman

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    The only rebound is increased glycogen. Adding carbs equals adding calories... It's the latter that causes the weight gain.
  10. brutus79

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    I fucked him. Mark the homo down as fact
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