Which Brand is Best at Napsgear.org?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Motoman22, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Motoman22

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    Hey guys, I’ve bought several cycles from naps and used Geneza Pharmesuticals each time. I’m most likely going to go with them again unless someone recommends a better brand. Only other brand I’m considering is Pharmacom right now. Any suggestions or anecdotes?

    I’m buying a Test E, Mast, and Winny cycle btw.
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    The "back" button
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    Hahahaha dope.
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  6. People still attempt to order from naps....:eek::rolleyes: my god
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  7. wedorecover

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    The best thing to order from naps is nothing
  8. Eatclenand69

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    The one that releases your personal information
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  9. Steve84

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    When there are 2 strong Pharmacom suppliers, why the fuk would you want to go with Naps?
    I just want to understand the logic
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    Does sound like a good suggestion though :cool:
  11. Apopkared

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    I’ll tell my experience with Naps . I have been ordering from Basic and was really happy until three of my packages were seized. I wanted something not coming from China. They had a sell on a certain brand and so I took the plunge. Fast on reply and tracking but then it sat at at some post office in Europe and never came. I emailed them and was told that I had to wait a full 30 days and when the 30 days was up they were out of the brand . I had another reship and waited. So in all it took almost 2 and half months. To give them credit they also sent me an buttload of bonus goodies to make up for my trouble. With the deals that basic gives and quality I would go with basic if they’re shit from China was getting seized. So take what you want from this . Every UGL has its good times and it’s bad times. You just hope when it’s your package that they are in the good times. That’s my 2 cents worth
  12. wedorecover

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    There is a Pharmacom distributor that comes from Europe and his packs make it
  13. Steve84

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    Exactly, he's sitting at 100% success into the US for many years....
    Price is a little higher than Basic but you pay for the delivery and service.
  14. wedorecover

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    I don’t use Pharmacom but I have and don’t have any complaints besides all my packs not making it when i ordered from basic
  15. DrinkFlintWater

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    Just got a TD recently for a pack I ordered.....

    .....in 2005. Better late than never. Naps is g2g.
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  16. Motoman22

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    Well then what website do you recommend?
  17. Motoman22

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    What are the two strong suppliers??
  18. Motoman22

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    Yeah I get that you guys don’t like Naps. I’ve ordered two cycles from there and used at least a 20% discount each time. Naps is cheap, the gear works and the site is easy to use. Only issue I’ve had is delivery for my pct on my last cycle took literally three months after ordering. Just please leave your recommendation of brand and supplier/site.
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    Quaker State 10W40 from NAPS?
    Oh wait, they're selling burnt motor oil too!
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    Sorry bro, we dont do that here. Your going to have to put in the work yourself, hard as that may be.