Which Lab Test Should I Use?

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  1. Hello guys,

    I found a lab that I can get anabolics that I sell tested where I live, after not being able to reach analyzer as he had to quit, I talked with a Polish lab but Poland shippings last about 5-6 weeks from here (longest time ever among all countries) I have many things to get tested so I dont want to wait 6 weeks for shipping and 2 weeks for results.

    I started searching and luckily found a university lab to get it done but I am not sure which method I should use so I am waiting for your precious opinions, here are what they can do:

    Qualitative GC-MS Analysis
    Quantitative GC-MS Analysis
    Sample Preparation
    Qualitative GC-MS Head Space
    Quantitative GC-MS Head Space
    GC-MS Thermal Desorber

    And also I dont know if these guys lab test steroids. Can all labs that do this kind of testing test anabolics or should there be something else special like putting anabolic steroids on their database etc...

    If I can accomplish this, I will be able to lab test whatever product I want for a very good price (little less than 25 usd per test) and I will be the source that tests nearly everything he sells and uses. Damn it sounds to good to be true please help me out :)
  2. Also UHPCL I think these are for peptide hormones, hgh etc... Which one is good to go?

    Analysis will be conducted by DAD detector

    Analysis will be conducted with a
    fluorescence detector

    Fluorescence detector + Derivatization
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    @Millard Baker

    Can you gentlemen assist and help guide our boy @Turkish Pharmacy here? Thank you in advance!
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    Commenting to see the answers. Thanks for doing some foot work Turkish!
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    Thank you for putting out the effort in getting your gear tested @Turkish Pharmacy .....Wish everyone was like you.
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    sometimes is better something than nothing, by looking at the equipment this is not lab with setup for testing steroids. it is setup for research and teaching.

    GCMS is not reliable method for Quantitative steroid testing.

    you want to look for a lab with HPCL / DAD, PDA detector

    it would be equipment like this one

    Waters HPLC, 996 detector, Empower 2
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  9. I want to make about a dozen tests, to avoid their unnecessary questions I thought about acting like I know what I am doing . But I know nothing ( I am John Snow :p )

    I was gonna say like "I want Quantitative GC-MS Analysis for this ampoule", send the sample and get the result.

    If they suspect, I am worried that they wont make the test as its a university lab they probably wont want to help a steroid seller or user if they understand . Its very cheap also money is not tempting for them I guess .
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  10. Polish Lab uses hpcl for peptides and gcms for steroids I dont know how it works but this university lab has both of them.
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    I agree with @Millard Baker. Nothing wrong with asking them which they suggest. Also im not so sure i would skirt around what you want done. You dont want them getting crazy on you and trying to turn you in once they perform the test.
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    GCMS is simply gas chromatograph with mass spec, it is used primary for detection of unknown substances. after calibration it can do Quantitative analysis.

    the reason they use GCMS because they want to make the best of the investment. Buying new HPLC is another $50 000 and up.

    because of high volatility of steroids GCMS is not a good choice, dedicated lab would use HPLC. And for example HGH cannot be even tested on GCMC. This is how you can for example catch them with lies if they tell you that they can test HGH on GCMS.
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  13. Yes, on the test that Mands did to Rimos and Oxymetholones it also says that it analyzed the content with GCMS and analyzed the dosage with HPLC, Here one is about 25 USD other is about 20 USD I think they will need to get both done. Even just knowing what is in content through GCMS is better than nothing. I will hopefully fix this soon and post some results.
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    Qualitative GC-MS Analysis to determine what compound(s) are present.
    And Quantitative GC-MS Analysis to determine the amount(s).

    If possible, it would be good to be able to be open/honest with the lab regarding your purpose and goals (if the compounds are not illegal where you are located and not illegal for them to test where they are located, then all should be fine). Maybe explain it is for harm reduction to ensure you are receiving proper products. As others have stated -- they are the lab and they are the experts in this area so it would be good to have an open working relationship to get things done correctly.

    Also, it would be nice to NOT tell them what you expect or want the result to be -- this keeps them honest as they can not simply send you back a fake result. For instance, if you sent someone a sample and said it is supposed to "300mg/mL testosterone Enanthate" then a dishonest individual could simply print out a paper that says 298mg/mL testosterone Enanthate without ever actually testing a sample -- how would you know if its true or not???

    But a true unkown, it could be anything, masteron, Nandrolone, tren etc... Maybe not even an AAS.. then, if the result comes back Testosterone Enanthate 298mg/mL you know it was tested because nobody can guess with such luck.

    Remember, it is possible to test for a true Unknown -- after all, forensic labs so it all the time and athletes urine is tested with GS-MS in some cases to find drugs. Analyzer did not require customers to state what they expect to find.

    With plain simple HPLC the sample is run against a known standard and as such one must know what standard(s) to use.

    But with MS, I believe a true unknown can be determined based upon the ion fragmentation mass-to-charge results -- but it will at a minimum give you at Molar Mass.
    A large computer database will be used compare against the MS characterization data of known compounds to yield the identity of the unknown. Even if it is a new novel compound that has never existed before, the MS can yield a wealth of characterization info that greatly contributes (in conjunction with H1-NMR, c13-NMR, IR spectroscopy, and in some cases even x-ray crystallography etc) to determining the new compound's structure.
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  15. Called and asked. They dont know what to do, they have no clue about the topic. This is Turkey :( damn they have thousands of dollars of machinery but the person in charge doesnt know shit. And that person is in charge of this lab. She asked us what the content of the product is and I said its you that should tell us what the content is. She gave us her email adress asking for details about what to do. I will hopefully explain her what to do in detail and she will do it. I was right to open a topic here, you dont know how things work here. I know it, things dont work here :)
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    I might get bashed here for replying "out of my thread," but screw it.

    Contrary to what people here are trying to tell you, it's impossible to test for "true unknown."

    For anabolic steroids you want quantitative GC/MS, however, it is suboptimal, as GC/MS had smaller linear range than UV detection (usually coupled with HPLC, although there exist UV detectors for GC). However GC/MS is wonderful at acquiring definite identification.

    There are libraries of spectra for GC/MS and that provides enough data for identification.

    However, what you are interested in is quantification. Now that is impossible without:
    1. having big amount of sample and spending days if not weeks of research work
    2. own a reference standard

    Now, the first option costs thousands and requires real knowledge and experience. There are just very few people who can do that and they won't be doing that for the purposes you'd like to have it done for.

    The second option is far faster easier, however it can't work with "true unknowns." However, the standard itself can get very costly (think hundreds of $ for more rare substances).

    It will still require you to develop a method that can work for that substance and even something as easy as extraction of API from a pill is something that has entire scientific fields dedicated to it.

    I believe that the cost of 25$ applies to students who 'rent' the machine, bring their own standards, develop the method, do all the work and get done with it.
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    Your best bet at inquiring, understandable for any analytical chemist, would be:

    "I want to determine concentration of testosterone enanthate in oil matrix. Expected range of concentration is between 10 and 500 mg/ml. If no target compound is found in the matrix, I'd like to get ID of major components of the sample."

    If they can't understand that inquiry, then you are just wasting time, in my opinion.

    Hope I helped.
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    are you talking about the student who was busted for using university laboratory. to do Quantitative testing he needed standards I doubt the university lab would order it for him. you need licence to get it, so I had doubts about the quality and credibility of the testing.

    why do not use Simec, accredited lab I think they still test instead of some guy hiding somewhere.
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    Simec's cost makes it unviable for the average tester of personal gear....

    I could test 4-6 samples with Analyzer vs 1 with Simec.
    The market is looking to fill that cost structure of low enough to test personal use.
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  20. No not that guy, that guy knew what he was doing. I am talking about university lab I found where I live.