Which of these routines would be best for fastest growth

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  1. Temp account5

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    Sunday- chest tris
    Tuesday- legs
    Wednesday- shoulders
    Thursday or friday -back bis
    Then repeat on Sunday again


    Sunday- chest tris
    Thursday-back bis
    Friday- off
    Saturday- chest tris

    (basically start one day earlier you get the point)


    Sunday-chest tris
    Wednesday-back bis
    Thursday- off
    friday-chest tris

    (basically 4 on 1 off)
  2. JoeBlob12

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    Just run a program and take all the thinking out of it. Second guessing yourself and constantly worrying “if this routine is better than that” is only hurting you. Find a program you can 100% buy into and then just execute it. I like John Meadows PPL programs.
  3. Test_Subject

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    Those aren't routines, they're splits.

    If you're doing two sets of pushups for "chest tris" that's technically following the split, but it's a shit program.

    It depends what you're doing with the split.
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  4. This is the second time you've posted about stagnant growth.

    Take a piece of advice please.
    What launched my gains YEARS ago, was meeting an ex IFBB pro in the gym and him designing s program with me.

    I made more gains in the next 6 months working out with him, than I had on cycle.

    Get a coach if you think it will help, just be careful who you choose, there are so many assholes that just copy and paste a program then charge you a few hundred bucks.

    Good luck
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  5. Jankauskas

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    Get a John Meadows, Jeff Nippard, or Renaissance Periodization program and you are set, at least if you are a beginner/intermiediate.
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  6. putazorra

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    That sounds awesome. Would you be willing to create a thread and share what you learned?

    From what I've seen on youtube, instagram etc is a lot of these former pros do giant sets for body parts to make them grow. And they work with serious young bodybuilders and train them similarly. They are typically seen doing four to five different exercises back to back with minimal rest.

    I'd love to train this way but not many gyms are designed to allow people hog several pieces of equipment at once.
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  7. Switcher

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    When you are new to this anything works and gains come. As you get more time in, the gains come slower until, if you don't change anything, they pretty much seem to stop.

    Its kind of like, when you are a real little kid, days drag on forever. When you get to your teens, days go by and a pretty quick clip. Into adulthood, they go by lightning fast.

    If you want your day to go slower, do things you are not used to. Shake things up. The more you constantly shake things up, the more each day seems to last forever and the more you grow to get used to the increased variety.

    Same thing with the lifting aspect of bodybuilding.
  8. Nothing miraculous,
    Especially. nothing worth starting a thread over.

    When your a kid new to body building and someone shows you how to PROPERLY workout and eat.
    With intensity and precision....
    You will make serious gains

    I'm just saying, if you cant make gains with gear, you cant make gains.
    Usually means its Nutrition or training that is the probllem
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  9. TobiramaSenju

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    Food and sleep is gonna be your main determining factors as to what determines growth the fastest. Right next to that will be progressive overload. Some might say volume is what gets you big but I will have to disagree. I cannot recommend DC or Fortitude training enough. If you just want all out mass, strength and size I would go with these. 5/3/1 is also a great program. It has evolved from what it was originally and has multiple templates tailored to ones needs.
  10. LeoTC

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    I've always trained that way, even in corporate gyms.

    Just be mindful of your set up and don't go during peak hours.
  11. Btcowboy

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    I found my best gains when starting out was PHAT, a little of both strength and hypertrophy.
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  12. TobiramaSenju

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    I've heard some bad things about Layne Norton and just how he does things.
  13. Btcowboy

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    Interesting, I havent seen anything, not that I was looking either. Just from my experience I was happy with PHAT
  14. putazorra

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    I've been happy with his PHAT workout too. I've also done his PH3 workout and that helped me get stronger on the three basic lifts (squat/bench press/deadlift).

    I do, however, add in a couple peripheral exercises like some extra glute work and rotator cuff movements.
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  15. Ferenor

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    Volume so number of set ranging from 10 to 20 for muscle group, frequency (training each muscle 2x + per week) and finally training techniques.