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    Don't know if putting shops out there is okay sorry if it's not. So many great artists out there. Rep those ink slingers.
    Unknown tattoo co. Great place good atmosphere Travis is a good dude

    Disclaimer show ur tats if you want but I'm going to take a wild shot in the dark and say some of us might have some on file. I do from my dumbass days.
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    I always go to my buddy when I'm in Thailand, contrast tattoo Mr Vans. He is a bad ass, my other guy back home died and haven't found one here to replace him yet. I'm happy with dude in Thailand known him for 12 years
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    He got a site to check out his work. Mine just moved to flagstaff but I still go to the same shop . travis just did a half sleeve on my wife that turned out great
  4. Uglyrichie

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    He'll if ur in flagstaff check out Devin Aguilera
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    Not sure about a website, I know he has a Facebook page. Contrast tattoo
  6. I always get my Ink done in Vietnam.
    Small village in the south.
    My cousin (in laws) shop.
    A full sleeve will run you about 300ish USD (based on complexity and shading of course)

    Buddy is REALLY good.
    Had some friends come to vietnam to visit my wife's family farm.
    Couldnt believe the price, one guy sat in the tattoo shop for 3 days straight .. cost him 320 USD.

    Ink looks amazing.

    Basically, you have a choice.
    Get a serious tatt done here in North America..


    For the same price, fly to vietnam, hotel, food etc.
    AND get a the same Tattoo..

    All for the same price.
    No brainer for me.
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    3 days fuck that's a pain threshold . Right now I'm covering up my old tweaker tattoos last one was 5 hour outline and shading that wasn't bad 8 hours for color . He pounded the color in I just wanted out of there my leg was raw meat. You know what hurts thou is lasering that crap to make it easier to cover that shit hurts
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    If I'm on the right page that's some beautiful work.
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    Dude is a bad ass. Him and his wifey are cool as fuck too. They are like Thai rockabilly's have a pretty cool cover band that does all American music.
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    Search for "Kostas Tzikalagias" if you're ever in Greece for a while. Certainly one of the best here, especially in Japanese tattoos.
  11. Uglyrichie

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    I've been doing Japanese traditional to cover a bunch of my tweaker tattoos they make a nice cover-up and it's easier on the artist with all the dark colors
  12. MythotiK

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    Dex Novak.

    Going back in on Oct. 22nd and Dec. 12th

    I’ll post as it progresses.
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    I found a nova tattoo is that the guy I have one set up for Nov I'll post up the progress too. I hate to ask any in Vegas me and the wife usually get something while on vaca we are thinking ring fingers