Who has the best rates for small personal loans?

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by Evom1, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Evom1

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    Just wondering if you guys have any suggestions for where to look for a small personal loan (<$5k) at a rate under 9%.

    Looking to use it to pay the negative equity in my car off quicker at a lower rate
  2. jaymaximus

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    Fat Tony. You gotta go to the alley behind Mama Mia's Pizzaria and talk to Vinnie, he'll handle the rest. Just make sure you pay back on time, he'll send his "associates" to have a "conversation" with you that might not "end well" if you know what I mean"."
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  3. maxmuscle01

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    Credit Unions usually have the best loan rates
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  4. ickyrica

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    I used Jeanne D'arc for a small personal loan once. Not sure what the rate was but it wasn't bad, I had set up an aggressive payment schedule with them and it was a short and sweet experience.

    Not sure if you have them that far up north
  5. Rockclimber

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    Need more information. You have negative equity in your car but so do a lot of Americans. Are you wanting to purchase a new car? A lot of new car loans or used car loans will roll the negative equity into the new loan. This will be at a substantially lower interest rate than you will get from the bank.
  6. rpbb

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    Yeah, use this idiot for financial advice. He's faced life without parole, and knows how to shill for free gear
  7. Perrin Aybara

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    When I needed $5k last year to go to CDL school I went to a local bank and got a credit card through them with a 12 month 0% interest rate. After finishing school and getting a job I was able to pay it off entirely before my 12 month period was up. Interest free loan that way. Obviously it could've ended up being subject to regular credit card interest rates and that's what they count on, but if you can do it it's a good way to go.
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  8. Mac11wildcat

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    How far upside down are you? What’s your current car loan interest rate?
  9. Evom1

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    Old thread guys. Got it all worked out and into the new vehicle
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  10. bull48

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    Congratulations and enjoy
  11. ickyrica

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    Lol. Gotta love it when that happens!
  12. bull48

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  13. Evom1

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    But for those interested

    Penfed does 6.5% personal loans and 1.9% APR on USED cars. Their cash back credit cards are also less than half the APR of the average capital one, discover it, or chase card
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