Who is training at home now that gyms are closed in some states? Coronavirus

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by master.on, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. master.on

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    Just curious on what your home training is like.
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  2. ergomaniac

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    I've never been much of a gym rat. I've had memberships to several gyms but would usually go for deadlifts, squats and barbell bench. Alot of other work I can do at home. Or in the summer, load some weights in the back of my truck and go to a park to train outside. It feels good and to get some sun.
    What a perfect time to try out some calisthenics movements. Obviously dips and chins, all day. Handstand pushups, planches, levers. And some pistol squats.
    At home I have assortment of weight plates, a long bar and some dumbbell bars. The dumbbells get me up to 90lbs, but ive been thinking about getting a powerblock. I also have a set of 25, 50, 100, and 120 hex dumbbells. I can strap the 100 and 120 together to do dumbbell deadlits. A folding ab board acts as bench. Flat when folded and incline when unfolded. Also I have some bands with handles that are from probably 25-50lbs in tension. That little set up has served me well and can literally fit in a closet.
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  3. Test_Subject

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    I have an adjustable bench, a set of 30s and a set of 45s, some assorted bands and an ab roller :(

    I'll make it work, but it's not going to be pretty.
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  4. Gbro

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    I have a set of adjustable dumbbells and a bench. They only go up to 55, but they will do.
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  5. 4Figgy

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    Tomorrow is my gyms last day open, then closed for the rest of the month (at least). Fortunately a buddy has a nice home gym set up - flat bench, squat rack, barbell with 500+lbs of plates, bumbells up to 45 or 50. I’ll be over there starting Sunday and lift with him until the gym opens back up. If it wasn’t for him I would be stopping my blast (just started this week) and doing calisthenics. I cannot wait until all this virus shit blows over.
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  7. LeoTC

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    I'm masturbating.

    A lot.

    A lot more.
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  9. jbil75

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    They can’t keep things closed for 18 months or we will become Nigeria. Some tough decisions will have to be made in order to get businesses up and running again but it will happen and happen fairly soon.
  10. 4Figgy

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    They are already doing vaccine testing on people here in the US. They have sped up the process, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.

    I just don’t see this going on that long. If there was a total shutdown of business the country would collapse in a couple months. I’m guessing a few more weeks of increased numbers, then everything slowing down, and finally a vaccine. We will see though. I don’t want to have to drive across town to lift for months on end, but I will if I have to.
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  11. Cityofgrit

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    I have a gym at my condo... a real cool "Hoist" universal and dumbbells up to 70 lbs. A dip and pull up station as well.
  12. MindlessWork

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    Both gyms in my area now have shut down indefinitely...and with a looming lockdown I am about to pull the trigger on some adjustable dumbbells and cables.
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  13. MindlessWork

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    NYC will go batshit in less time than that. There's no way in Gods green acres you'd keep a city like NYC or LA locked down for 18 months!
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  14. Logan44551

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    Got some good news today, getting sent to Sparks for work. Was looking like I was out of work for 3 weeks, only ended up being 1.
  15. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    I am lucky so far, my gym is the only gym in town open still... hoping it stays open.
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  16. big unit

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    I’m doing my best to maintain while “working out” at home. I have dumbbells up to 45lbs only. It’s certainly not optimal by any means. Trying to stay positive and keep it moving forward...
  17. Gbro

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    Anybody else having to jerk off at home, now that they can't go out and pick up chicks?
  18. 4Figgy

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    Tinder girls can come by the house if you’re in need. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
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  19. jbil75

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    Get some 5 gallon buckets from Home Depot and fill with sand or concrete for different weights. You can weigh them out on a scale and get a whole range of different weights.
  20. jbil75

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    Shit would get really ugly in way less time than 18 months also. I would say 3 months of being shut down would be pushing into dangerous territory.
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