Who uses Tor?

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by viking23, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. viking23

    viking23 Member

    I am thinking of downloading and was just curious if anyone had negative experiences with it. All input welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  2. beezil

    beezil Member

    its slow...

    you still need to research additional security measures.

    Tor in and of itself still needs additional measures.
  3. TheSpectre

    TheSpectre Member

    Well, if you are just buying personal amounts (50ml or less or 200 tabs) Tor should be more than enough - Hell, a proxy should. Sources should use everything available, however.
  4. boxer15

    boxer15 Member

    Yeah not to mention everything is bit coin and Its always fluctuating so you can put in $300 and after 10 minutes it's only worth $290. Like beezil says, in itself its not even close to safe.
  5. beezil

    beezil Member


    but the question wasn't how much you think you can get by with...

    if one is going to go to the lengths of being anonymous... you may as well do it right.

    lastly, I don't just want to rely on the source...

    as for purchasing/selling... PGP should be used as well as TOR.
  6. beezil

    beezil Member


    agreed in terms of bit coin.

    however, bit coin is like any other currency that is traded. its value changes as the market fluctuates.

    its just more volatile do to legalities associated with BTC; or what it is intended to purchase.

    I got into bit coins when they were less than 100. then they flew up to 1000.

    there was a time where you could have ridden the wave up... ;)

    since i sold all my holdings... china has gotten into BTC and the market is even more volatile. however, there are huge mining facilities popping up... so BTC will still be the preferred crypto currency.
  7. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Are you implying that there is something better? TOR is the single best tool for anonymity on the internet that I know of. As far as Bitcoin is concerned, what is better?
  8. viking23

    viking23 Member

    I am just trying to protect myself. So having both pgp and tor should be good?
  9. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    What is "good enough" is relative. TOR is good for anonymity. PGP is good for privacy. The use of both is highly recommended. But neither, much less the combination, is regularly used in the world of black market androgens.

    Don't forget the issues of shipment and payment. Whatever anonymity you've achieved using TOR/PGP is usually undermined by the information you voluntarily disclose in these areas.
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  10. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Most sources don't use TOR and don't use PGP. Quick, can anyone name five public sources that use PGP?
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  11. beezil

    beezil Member

    words of wisdom Millard.

    I have travelled the silk road...

    the length that those sources go to protect the source and customer is heads and shoulders above the BB world.

    asking an AAS source at the very least about using PGP.... the response is...

    "not sure what you're talking about."
    "It takes to long to set up. "
    "your the only one that has asked about it"

    honestly guys... it takes all of 3 minutes to set up your key and test...

    as for TOR... just as easy... researching the additional items for security... and nodes. maybe an afternoon.

    the thing is... its always evolving... you need to evolve with it!! tomorrow will be something better... you will need to learn that if you want to stay ahead of things.

    think of it like this... using an old civil war musket vs. an high power tactical rifle today. what would you rather use...? security is relevant and evolve with it.

    i would think that a day of research for your safety is a great investment. when sources seem to be dropping like flies do to possible LE activity.

    just my 2cents.
  12. viking23

    viking23 Member

    Tor is out of the way. Now can someone explain what pgp does exactly?
  13. TaoPhD

    TaoPhD Member

    Hey viking, if you do a google search on pgp it will give you a bunch of info
  14. viking23

    viking23 Member

    Okay that was a little vague on my part. I see what it does but a lot of the place that offers it to download are out of date. I think I found one tho. Thanks fellas!
  15. beezil

    beezil Member

    the key is... getting the source or recipient of the email... to use a key.

    you both need to have a key for PGP to work...

    that seems to be the problem.... Sources don't want to take the time to research it and create a key...
  16. beezil

    beezil Member

    NO, Sir!

    thats the sad part.
  17. McSteroids

    McSteroids Banned

    We use different VPN Connections in combination Socks and Tor:)
  18. dnoyez

    dnoyez Member

    If you choose to use tor just remember to disable all addons and plugins first as a good tip.And don't have anyother browsers open at the same time such as IE.
  19. TaoPhD

    TaoPhD Member

    Is that really true what dnoyez said?
  20. TheSpectre

    TheSpectre Member

    PGP is useless unless the person you are communicating with uses it as well - and very few people or sources do. I remember Animal (the original Fina-Kit guy from the late 90s) always stressed it. Where is he these days...?