Who will be the next MR. Olympia?

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  1. The best competitors to take the title in my opinion are Big Ramy (33), or William bonac (35) unless someone from classic physique suprisingly moves up to men's open bodybuilding.

    Big Ramy is only 33 and currently #2 in the world so it leads me to believe he will be. William bonac is #3 in the world but is 35 and probably has less in the tank than ramy, but it is the closest competion I believe.

    Cedeic mcmillian, shawn rhoden, rolly winklaar, Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson, Dennis wolf are all 40 or above, and are probably out of reach for any future olympia titles.

    I think Lionel beyeke has potential but is actually already 37. Steve kuclo has potential as well and is only 35. He definitely may be top 3 in the olympia in the next few years, but I could never see him beating William bonac or big ramy. Dallas mcarver (26) who recently passed, I believe was a future Multi Mr. Olympia title holder. That's the hardest part of seeing him go to me as a fan of bodybuilding, other than him being such a young guy and a symbol of strong character and hard work.

    Who do you guys think will be the next MR olympia?
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    I would love to see rolly winklaar one day win
    But for as this year Ramy if he comes in condition if not Phil will probably when as usall
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  3. Definitely. If dexter jackson could bring his legs up he could be mr.o again. But as time has gone on he hasn't so there is no reason to believe.

    It will very likely be Heath again.
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  5. That's definitely a possibility! I'd love to see it. I don't know if he could ever beat Phil Heath head to head though. William bonac is very wide across the waist and his lat insertions I believe are so thick it becomes unaesthetic.

    He is one of the most complete bodybuilders I have seen. His phyisque reminds me of Jay Cutler. But even jay had better ab separation when he won his shows!

    So will see, anything's possible. The only way i see bonac ever winning one is if he does this well into his 40's and he will need Ramy to slip up. I do believe ramy is the next up in line, but I could be wrong, will see!!!
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    I just care that someone beats Phil, I don't like his arrogance
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  7. His personality does suck lol
    Also his comments about classic phyisque competitors being just "weekend warriors, who don't have what it takes to compete in the open",
    Is both highly disrespectful and harmful to the sport.

    I cannot even imagine how lowly he think about men's phyisque.
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    Also tired of Phil. Would be nice to see a fresh face. Bonac would be good. Kai coming out of left field and taking down the title would also be great imo.
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    Kai is a real long shot but if he does manage to come in at top condition then yes that be a game changer.
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  10. He would have to start preparing for the olympia stage in 2018 RIGHT NOW though; he couldn't just 4 weeks out decided to compete and just place top 3, maybe not even top 6... I imagine he would need to have one solid off-season bulk before prepping for the stage to bring his best form back.

    Also as people get older their "best form" tends to diminish. So will he have a massive gut? Or how about a weak set of hams and calves?

    These are all things that are highly variable and can go either way.

    Not many can stay the same top shape for years upon years. That is only dexter jackson. And finally at 48 at the Arnold in Ohio we saw that although he placed 2nd, his left bicep is starting to melt and gut is more prominent than in any years past. so even he is finally starting to diminish.
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    If he does decide to take part this year then that certainly be a plausible scenario. Next year may be a better shot.
  12. If he does compete I will be rooting for him no question. Kai Greene is my favorite bodybuilder of All time, not for his physique. But for his mindset, and motivational speaking.

    Kevin levrones physique is a favorite of mine and I'd love to see him bring his best form to the Arnold classic Australia 3/16-3/18 and if he comes in conditioned and so far he is the heaviest he has ever been 260+ than he will be a sight to be seen....
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  13. rutman

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    If Ramy would tighten up and drop 20 pounds, he’d be unbeatable
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  14. From his contest weight last year 295 lbs on stage, I don't think he has 20lbs to loose. Maybe 10 tops.
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    It's all rigged anyways
  16. In the 70's it certainly could have been and there is very compelling evidence to suggest Joe wieder rigged his contests for arnold. In the early eighties there was some speculation it was rigged also, But in today's IFBB I believe the best man always wins. I would loved to have seen Kai place 1rst at one of those olympias but Phil was nearly unbeatable than, and that is undeniable. It wasn't till more recent his conditioning and gut has been off.
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    I know this off topic but damn I miss the Colman era brute strength when worked out and he was a good ambassador to the sport
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  18. I love that era too! Every Era has something special about it, so I just try to see the beauty in everything...

    Today we have some of the biggest and best we have ever had. We have the tons of mass monsters, and guys who are giving everything they've got to the sport.

    That sounds like to me alot to be proud of, for today's generation. How about an era in which aesthetics are being pushed to the forefront, and you have the emerging division of classic phyisque!!

    This is a great era for bodybuilding, and I think especially with classic phyisque, body building is going on the right track.
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    I agree but I still love to see the mass monsters , rolly winklaar is one of my favorite
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    And I agree I got a lot of respect for all the guys there pushing boundary every year there's a lot to get excited about for sure there somting for everyone now
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