Who yah got tonight, Nova or Michigan?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Morefyah, Apr 2, 2018.

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    1E871C19-5F05-463A-8A7E-681B7135A751.jpeg These are exciting times for Philly sports teams. Eagles get there first super bowl win the flyers and sixers are both headed for the playoffs and Villanova is playing in there 2nd NCAAM final in two years. As well as being the consensus best overall team in the country.
    Not bad for a tiny catholic school that’s ruffley half the size of Michigan’s freshman enrollment with under 10,000 students.
    Anyway you know who I got!!
  2. Troy22

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    Nova wins by 10
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  3. boost creep

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    Michigan by 3
  4. rugerjitsu

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    I got Nova -7
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  5. Troy22

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    DiVINCENZO WAT !!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha
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