Why all hardware and software security ain't safe enough for domestic sources

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    They will bust your ass, sooner or later.
    There's no privacy anymore. ALL phone and electronic communications are recorded.
    Even lesser crimes like steroid selling get NSA/FBI cooperation.

    That's why all big sources with domestic remailing (i.e. NAPS) do all customer service email replies ABROAD.
    Then they just forward the order info to the domestic remailers.

    Any source checking ANY customer Emails domestically is a plain moron and will go to jail pretty soon
    You have been warned
  2. Mr. Magnificent

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    I partially agree with you. There is no way of being anonymous online. All this bullshit people are preaching online will help hide you for some time, but you're only postponing it. If the government wants to find you, they will. Opening a steroid webshop is plain idiotic if you ask me. Unless you're constantly traveling, between cities and countries, using public wifi, hiding your face from cctv, and taking every single precaution there is, then they always have a way of finding you. This is the way the internet is designed. The only way around this would be to re-invent the internet, starting from scratch.

    However I dont agree with you on emails. I have faith in end-to-end encryption email-clients like protonmail.
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    Protonmail and others work
    ... until the US gov't asks them to cooperate with justice
    then they trace the IP you used to login and bang, you wake up asking yourself who's knocking the door so hard at 5:00 AM
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