Why cant I apply Androgel 1.62% to Abdomen ?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by jonkobeck, Oct 29, 2011.

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    jonkobeck Member

    I have asked this before but can't seem to get an answer. When I was on the 1% I applied it to my flanks (sides) and I just felt better. I think it absorbed better then shouldder. Sho why do they now say say only shoulders?
    Anyone ?
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Simply, that is the site where the trials were conducted.
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    biceps72 Member

    I think you can apply andogel almost anywhere.

    I like shoulders, back. triceps, inside of biceps, inside of thigh an up and on my cock and scrotum (very very liyttle here however). I have tried top of feet, calves and inside of forearms. It seems to work the same for me.

    I do shave the hair off areas where i apply it. I am not sure this is needed but I want ever gram of gel directly on my skin.

    I scub application site with one of thiose net squeezie things???? I take a warm shower, dry completely and apply immediately!!
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    benrock Junior Member

    my theory is that the less fat the quicker you get it and the quicker its gone , so the abdomen would absorb it sloer and hold it longer for a full days dose , when i used androgel , i was using on my inner forarms and i felt a drop earlly afternoon , when i switched to abdomen i felt alot better , less rollercoaster feeling . try it and see , cant hurt you !!!

    dht comes into play with the gel thats why i had to stop my level was in the thosands .

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    jonkobeck Member

    What about inside your annus? Lol
    Seriously though, on your penis and scrotum? Wow

    Are you using the 1% or the 1.6?
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    jonkobeck Member

    My fear was that perhaps on the abdomen it was too closes to the organs (liver etc)

    I like doing the flanks but not directly the tummy
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    biceps72 Member

    1% but i only wipe my hands on my balls and cock. I never put gel on these areas directly only the excess that is on my hands,
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    biceps72 Member

    You had a total testosterone how high on androgel????????

    what dose/day were you using?

    I got total testosterone = 1880 on 10 grams/day. My E2 went pretty high then so I reduced my dose to 5 - 7.5 g/day. eod 5 g, then 7,5 g/day.
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    jonkobeck Member

    My total was 405 on 3 pumps of the 1.62%
    Its funny because the month beforemit was 425 on 2 pumps, so increasing to 3 did nothing.
    Now I'm on 4 pumps and I test again in 2 weeks. I would like to get to 800.

    The 1% instructions say abdomen is fine, but the 1.6 say only shoulders
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    biceps72 Member

    how many grams/pump?

    i get the packets either 2,5 g/packet or 5 g/packet.
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    BBC3 Member

    Generally when you break it all down, you MAY find that the manufacturer is simply directing the MOST APPROPRIATE AREA that will not affect others. Put it on your waist or sides and could get on a small child if carrying via the shirt comming untucked. Put on scrotum/penis and now you are juicing your significant other, etc... So I suspect its a matter of safety, however, not firmly acknowledged via documentation for obvious legal reasons. It stands to reason that absorption through the skin will be about the same everywhere, however, it is given the core is the strongest area, and the edxtremeties loose values first, but shoulder is as good as a gut one would think...:drooling:
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    jonkobeck Member

    I believe it's 2 grams per pump so now I'm up to 8 grams
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    Gator8 Member

    I think the 1,62% is a scam to get you spending more on the 40 mg of product than you used to pay for 50 mg monthly dose. Go back to your 1% original dose and apply as before. The monthly dose price is the same for either product, at least at my pharmacy. The new product gives you less mg of testosterone per buck. It is like the new tuna fish cans with less product inside. My dr appointment, it was clear that he was heavily sold on the new product by sales, but results were not improved.

    They screwed with the clinical results by adjusting the dose to achieve the target testosterone level. There is no advantage to the new product unless you had issues with the 1% product volume.
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    jonkobeck Member

    Well, I don't pay for it either way, thankfully my insurance covers the whole thing. My doctor says its better because you are getting T in less material. I use the pump so I assume we can just keep adding pumps.
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    zkt Member

    Good to hear from you G8. :)

    Dont apply it hairy areas because the skin cells in these areas have more aromatase and also because the part that goes on the hair is wasted.
    The absorption varies directly with the skin thickness. 10% overall and 25% for the scrotum.
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    biceps72 Member

    I didn't know about the relationship between hair and aromatase! Actually never saw thosr absorption percentages before either.

    Thanks ZKT

    I think I must be doing something right by shaving all body areas where I apply androgel. As mentioned I wipe excess up thighs and on scrotum area.
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    TRTman Junior Member

    ZKT - I am thinking that hairy areas have more 5-alpha-reductase which converts T to DHT, not aromatase which converts T to E2. Is that just a typo?
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    jonkobeck Member

    FYI I started to apply one pump to each flank and one pump to each shoulder and I'm wiping the excess on scrotum, as someone above mentioned. 3 days into it and I can really feel a big improvement!
    I think the shoulders don't absorb as well and flanks,

    I can't wait to get the blood in 2weeks
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    benrock Junior Member

    dude , dont put on your scrotum , thats asking for trouble
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    GirlyMan Member

    That. The sites used in the clinical trials are the only ones they can even comment on. They ain't got data for no where else.

    The hell, you say. Been applying it there once a week or so for years without any issues. I can get by with a much lower dose there (1-2 pumps instead of 6-8).

    Ummmm .... what about it? :eek:

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