Why do any of you compete?

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    Hello guys,

    My question to you is this... With all due respect to those who do, why do You compete? Why? It's a glorified thing to compete or to place in a bodybuilding or physique or bikini show. But outside the top 8 in the Mr. Olympia in the men's open. And outside the top #2 in classic physique or top guy in men's physique, your earnings will mostly come through a day job. Which in turn will be used to fund you consumingly expensive bodybuilding career. The drug regiment is going to run most pro guys into the tens of thousands per year. Most of them use coaching that is again gonna be a few thousand per year. You got to pay to enter shows in the NPC. And fly to shows in the IFBB and pay for hotel stays ect. It's a very expensive hobby. Sponsors you say? Well if you're planning to make a living off a few hundred bucks a month off of the supplements or clothes they give you than great. But in reality these guys all have day jobs. And the worst part is so many will spend there life trying to be top 8 at the Olympia. Just to look back and be like fuck, now I have sacrificed my health my other career options and probably my family life... What has bodybuilding given back? It hasn't given back.

    So to those that dedicate there lives to stepping on that stage, why do you still do it? How do you feel about what I said?

    Thanks to who ever replies. Just looking to collect some insight here.
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    Body Dismorphia....... OCD type behavior..... Fan of bodybuilding since I was 12 years old..... The pain believe it or not is therapy to crazy fucks like me. It is a lifestyle, a way of life.... MY MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION- CTFLETCHER SIDEWALK CRAKIN MUTHA FUCKAS!!!!! LIKE RON COLEMAN AND CT SAID.. "ILL KEEP GOING EVEN IF IT KILLS ME". I am and always will be a hardcore Iron Athlete. As long as a single muscle works on my body, mother fucker it's going to be yolked!!! Monstaup$
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    Oh... And I do it for the hoes too! Lol
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    Are you writing a paper or something? Your inquiry seems to be more of a research topic to cover.
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    Yes I am writing a paper, but this is also a personal interest of mine. Knowing the reality of competing and the lack of financial returns it is still something I am often drawn to do.
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    In all honesty bodybuilding is an art form. A challenge to yourself to carve out the best version of yourself as can be. The discipline, passion and consistency it takes, then to see yourself transform in and out of the gym. To most it isn't ALL about winning. Its the ritual.
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    It seems like it's very much a spiritual thing.
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    It is for me. But here at Meso we have unique individuals from all types of backgrounds who have their own personal reasons. I only speak for myself as everyone is driven by different things. You ought to research our famous doctor, who participates here at meso. He competed and won titles and totay is known worldwide for his research and scientific opinions. Our board founder Millard also has one world class physique!
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    Can't comment on bodybuilding, but I compete in powerlifting because I love the sport. Former heroin addict and the gym lifestyle saved my life. Gave me something to put all that energy into that used to go towards drug addiction. Also I really just love seeing what my body is capable of. I put in countless hours of reading about programming, coming up with my programming, analyzing videos of my lifts over and over trying to perfect them, eating healthy (not exactly par for the powerlifting course, but I am vain as well), and putting all these things together for months and years at a time and seeing the end result on the platform on meet day.

    Actually have a meet this weekend. Was around $100 for federation membership, $100 for entry fee, gonna stay in a hotel for three nights, gas to drive about four hours each way, food for my girlfriend and I during the trip, not even sure how much I spent on gear this time, plus deadlift shoes, singlet, belt, etc. The prize is just a cheap medal. I have a good chance of coming in first, too. I'm closing in on the 220lb state deadlift record, won't get it this meet, but maybe next year.

    I guess you could say it's for the glory and to do something so few ever will. There's no shortcuts, there's no cheating your way to putting up big numbers (or achieving a great physique). You put in the work for years and years and you get what you put in. I know I'll never be the best or make any money off of it, but I still love doing it.
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    Good for you bro! Sounds like fun, have fun with your girlfriend.
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    Damn near the same thing as Perrin. 28 year old former heroin addict here. I don't compete either, but I use AAS and push myself. I half assed everything my entire life, I was gifted in school and never had to try. To push myself past my breaking point, to completely dedicate to something, make sacrifices, and see the reward from doing something uncomfortable is something I only get in lifting. I don't have a fulfilling job or family right now.

    Also as a LONG time hard drug user I feel like I'm hard wired to try to release as much of it as possible lifting. I don't get -not- wanting to go to the gym. I mean I get the uncomfortableness of say, cardio, but the feeling I get from it is so good.
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    Respect!! The iron saved me from drowning in a 3 year long whiskey binge. Stay safe my friend.
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    I competed from 2001-2015. It was a sense of purpose, bodybuilding was the only thing that ever made me feel worth a fuck. It was the first thing i did with my own hands that people began to recognize.

    I was one of those kids who never did well in team sports and i had a few assholes for coaches at an age when letting the kids play should have been more important than winning. Seeing coaches screaming over 7 year olds playing basketball was ridiculous.

    Bodybuilding was 100% because I couldn't fit in anywhere else so I eventually decided to stand the fuck out!

    Was competing worth it? Absolutely not. I put myself through hell and put others through hell for a cheap organization that is a money making crock of shit!!! Fuck the NPC!!!

    After the first few shows you begin to realize that a local show isn't that important, the lifestyle makes you make bad decisions and waste fucking money. I can say this and realize it now because I have a family and I've changed a good bit. If I put the same effort into other areas of life that I put into competing I would have been rich as hell a decade ago.

    Competing was absolutely 110% a mental fuck that was nothing but my way of saying to everyone " Am I good enough to play in the game now?"
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    I would definitely say on my part it's that never ending urge to be "The man". Whether its being the strongest guy around, the best p4p fighter, being the most wealthy, having the best looking woman. I just cant help but never be satisfied with being "average". I always have to try and make a name for myself. When i was younger i did it in ways that got me in a lot of trouble. (Batteries, armed robbery, etc) Now that i have matured a bit i do it in more constructive ways. One of them being powerlifting. I think powerlifting is even worse than bodybuilding. It's just as hard on the body in my opinion and with less of a chance of making any money.
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    I'm not a powerlifter but I know a couple world class powerlifters and I've lifted with them before trying to get my feet wet in the past. I can say without a doubt it's 100x more comraderie and brotherhood. Nobody gives a shit how you look, they are out to see each other progress and help one another and that part has always been an admirable part of powerlifting to me
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    Fuckin A
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    That’s me, I came back in the gym 32 months ago after 29yrs off. I need all lumbar disc fixed as well as spinal stenosis . Guess what, I love to do heavy, aggressive shit. I can only bench, with my feet up and work upper body. Like many others I’ve turned other addictions and mental demons with heavy ass(for me) weights. Can’t say I’m a power lifter anymore because no feds will let me bench with my feet up even thought it’s harder. Damn, if I could only arch like Eddie Berglund instead. Sorry for he rant.
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    I've never understood why people are content with being average. Like Mike Bell said, "I'd rather be dead than average."
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    Wowwwwwwwwwwww holy fuck man! That's crazy. That's exactly FUCKING EXACTLY what I'm scared of doing. I feel you 1000000% on why you got into competing. It's all about feeling like you're good enough and being appreciated and loved man so we go ahead and put ourselves through fucking hell and die for that shit.

    God bless you man, may your journey in life and your time with your family be one fucking hell of an adventure. That's what it's all about!!!!!! Not a damn thing more special than that.
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