Why do I tolerate Tren E Better than Tren A?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by penche, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. penche

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    so I’ve had dozens and dozens of cycles with tren A and even brewed component th which is Tren Ace. Also brewed and extracted the hormone from finaplix h which is still available by the way. Anyhow long story short I gave up Tren A for awhile and said I’m done. Lol no one is ever done with Tren. So I decided to try Tren E and brewed a personal batch. I do have some sides like I did with Ace but I can tolerate it much more. Only reason I can think of is, the Enanthate Ester is slower released while the Ace hits like a fucken hammer right away.

    Anyone else run into the same thing?

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  2. AlwaysHungry

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    I'm the opposite I've had more sides and less results in compare to tren ace in the same dosage
  3. Iron Frenchie

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    475mg tren E is equivalent to about 400mg Tren A. Also if you dose EOD with ace your levels are not as stable compared to Tren E twice a week.
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  4. johntt44

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    I do better with tren ace. Both times I've tried tren e, I get chills while I sleep. strange....
  5. Test_Subject

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    I've found the same. tren A hits me a lot harder as far as sides go. Sleeplessness and heartburn are much more apparent.

    I can run 400mg of tren E and the only sides I get are sweatiness and apetite loss.

    That said, I don't run tren anymore. It's really not necessary unless you're competing at an elite level. There are much less harmful ways to look good at the beach.
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  6. Morefyah

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    I’m agree man. Tren ace is just so fucking strong and fast acting. I also have much worse sides pinning every day. I don’t get sweats from either. Though heartburn and insomnia is much worse with ace as well, so is loss of appetite and anger. I prefer the valleys from pinning ace eod.
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  7. AlwaysHungry

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    How did y find the results on tren E vs Tren A ???
  8. nervje

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    Im going for both this blast

    Like 1.5ml enanthate a week (300mg) and 1.5ml ace divided into 3 or 4 shots a week for a total of 450mg tren

    Idk, gives better stable levels so i dont have to do ed shots, i do the enanthate with my test shots and can use less oil when shooting the ace eod, which is easier for me since i use glutes and delts only for injections, so i dont have a hard time finding injection spots. I tend to run out of empty (no oil from previpus injections in muscle)space when i do ed shots of ace and i have a hard time the longer i run my blast.
    Also, its 200mg/ml for enanthate and 100mg for ace, so i saved some $$ on those aswell.
    But i never noticed a difference between esters tbh
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  9. Mac11wildcat

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    Everyone says this, but ive never found EOD to be any different in feel to ED. I go ED when too much volume of oil takes over.

    It’s still within the half life (60% ish) and I find the length of time on tren is more an issue than pinning schedule. But that’s just me.
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  10. Tinytim

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    tren e fucking sucks for me, i stopped and had week or so before that shit wuit fucking with me. Glad you like it. I dont. Got from pacific rim labs
  11. dnoyez

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    tren e is more stable levels
  12. Holidaypay

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    1st Grammar is for pussies lol
    An its most likely fluctation of hormones I have noticed personally that every side effect I get is from fluctuations I can run double the amount an if stable I'm good but if I miss a shot for a day or 2 I break out all over an want toa start stabbing People in the face
    Same here eod never felt any different for me I never did it consistently but about 2 time a week an then I would do ed its just the way it worked out for me
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  13. Oldschool

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    I'm the opposite! Tren E kicks my ass in regards to sides. Heartburn in a bottle! Glutamine and otc meds do nothing!
    Tren ace not as bad.
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  14. How many mg’s are you guys running?
  15. Morefyah

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    For me tren ace gives a leaner look and strength gains are better. I know it sounds crazy there supposedly the same. Also I know everybody is different but tren Ace is like a stim bomb on my CNS. So pinning tren ace everyday, no matter the dose, is more intense mentally and physically!

    With Tren E sides are still there but not as bad.
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  16. Monstar

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    Haven't tried tren e. I tolerate acetate fine and MWF pinning only costs me 1 extra pin a week. Given the breadth of A vs E with people on all sides but many having significantly different experiences between the esters I find myself sitting in the "if it ain't broke..." camp.
  17. DozerSoldier

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    tren E to Tren A
    You would need around 380mg Tren E every 3.5 days (760mg/wk) to match baseline blood levels of 75mg ED Tren A.(525mg/wk).
    Found using steroidcalc.com cycle grapher.
    Actual blood levels are not linear in real life obviously.

    Using the grapher you will also find 400mg/wk Tren E is like 40mg Tren A ED.
    500 is like 50
    The big difference is blood level dwell time. Tren E on a E3.5D pin schedule spends more time with blood levels below 40mg release ED, while blood levels on Ace remain higher more time.

    Test E pinned 525mg E3.5D will be different if you pinned 150mg ED same Test E.
    Same weekly dose, but higher blood levels.

    This is on paper however.
    Tren is supposed to be 5× stronger than test, but as far as actual "feels bro"... not so much.
    Yeah stronger, and felt more... but RESULTS not so much.

    (Dear Tren Gods: know that I am aware that when I add Tren to a blast... it does make it 1,000,000 times more awesomerer.)
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  18. DozerSoldier

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    Screenshot_20190419-221837_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Screenshot_20190419-221906_Samsung Internet.jpg
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  19. VAGeo87

    VAGeo87 Member

    I may be redundant here - but tren Ace agrees with me far more. Granted I only ran Tren E once. Tren A dosed EOD at 100mg is my good spot (400 weekly).
  20. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Your avi picture agrees with me. Is that your girl’s ass or a random internet ass?