Why do people lie about their gains?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZerotoHero, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Here is a comment I saw in the comment section of a Zyzz video:
    "Dude I'm 16 and I don't take no steroids but I only use whey protein shakes and fish oil EFFORT and I have made these gains in less then 1 month im naturally lean and cut but when I work out I put on muscle so easily due to my good genetics. Fact that I'm only 16 and am just about his size with no use of illegal supplements or drugs is sad cuz he had to do those things to get those gains. I don't I wish God didn't make it so people's hard work&results were determined on there genetics BUT INSTEAD! People hard work was from the amount of time and effort spent grinding to achieve there goals but instead its all about genetics otherwise you gotta pump up with juice'HGH +... Sad:( RIP"
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    why do people lie about anything?
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    First of all, gainz is spelled with a Z.

    And why do people lie? Why did @ZerotoHero's mom lie to me about being on the pill? And why did I lie about pulling out? And why didnt she keep the baby? Is it her husband she wss worried about? She's been lying to him about me and her for months. She keeps telling me she's leaving him and me, her, and @ZerotoHero will be a family...but I guess she lying:(
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  5. Love troll threads..
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  6. Wait. She said she was going to leave her cuckold husband for me :(

    That dirty whore!

    I still love her though maybe you can have sloppy seconds while I'm balls deep in her depths.

    I eat a lot of pumpkin seeds so yeah... Best bring some Lysol..
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    Cuz the truth is a bitch to most ppl. Least the kinda truth im thinking .personally I enjoy the truth, and I enjoy telling it because usually the one you telling it to is squirming or you making someone uncomfortable .I love looking across and seeing the other person's expression get twisted.and BTW firzt of all gains iz zpelt with a Z
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    Ohh yes same here. Helps to pass the time :)
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    You made because you are 15 and a little bitch? I would be if I were you. Google "how to tie a noose" and do the world a favor by trying it out.
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    Same reason people lie about pussy
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    i had her naked on top of me with the condom opened..no dice :(
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    I'm falling deeper into the depths of the Meso Zone. Or is it the Kush? Puff puff pass bitch.
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    It's definitely the kush. Enjoy
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    Why do people who have never stepped a foot into the gym lie about working out regularly?