Why does everyone say to take growth hormone and fast?

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    Years ago the old take a shot of GH with insulin and slam carbs was common place but recently everyone is saying to take GH fasted.

    As I understand it, growth hormone and insulin are antagonist, meaning endogenous growth hormone pulses only when insulin is low which is why GH pulses at night. Even consuming a small amount of glucose will shut off a GH pulse.

    But how does that apply to exogenous HGH? Are you simply wasting your shot if you consume carbs directly after an injection? I have been doing it that way for months now and getting all the benefits of GH.
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    Exogenous gh will not be affected by carb intake.
    The reason to separate the two is that gh elevates blood glucose, which is also raised by the carbs. Chronic hyperglycemia can induce insulin resistance, and ultimately type 2 diabetes
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    Most people are also usually after the body composition effects of gh. These are anecdotally more pronounced when taken fasted.
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