Why does everyone work the same muscle groups on the same day?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Whaylee, Aug 9, 2018.

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    It's infuriating that I happened to line up my Push day on everyone's shoulder/tri day. (Thursday apparently) Obviously monday is the one to avoid for push, but now Thursday I guess as well. Happened yesterday too, a little differently, you see wednesday is leg day for the entire female population of suburban DC (or it might just be GYM day for every woman in the DC area who wants more eyes on her buttocks enough to work for it. because I never see women in the weight room any other day.) I go around 4, sometimes earlier.

    MFFGGHHH sucks, guess I gotta switch shit.
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    Ask if you can work in if you need something specific. Or try going at a different time. I've always found that going between 9-5 works for me since that's when most people are at work. Place is a madhouse before and after that. Also, most people stop going towards the end of the week.
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    man I need to get to DC on wednesday
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  4. Thankfully, I have yet to run into this issue myself. I'm lucky enough to be in a gym which is moderately busy at most.

    You should never switch your program because the gym it's too populated. Just pull through.