why does Maca work?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by chap, Feb 8, 2006.

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    chap Junior Member

    Whatever it does exactly, it must have an effect on FSH or something to do with semen volume as it definitely works to improve that, and also seems to have a positive effect on libido that is completely separate from any testosterone effect. Is it working on brain chemistry directly, which has the other positive effects, or is it mimicking FSH which somehow has the positive effects.

    It is the one herb I have had luck on hrt, on cycle, off cycle, pct everything, it really helps, and relatively quickly too, results within a week.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Yes dam it it works dam good for me to I take 1/2 a tsp full 2 x's a day. Here is some info.

    The following is some info I sent someone recently. Maca was shown
    not to increase T in scientific experiments.

    Maca stimulates the adrenals to produce it's own cortisol and DHEA
    and probably a few other hormones as well. Since Maca is a food, it
    has to be taken in much larger doses than what is recommended on some
    products found in Health Food stores. I was doing great on 3
    compacted level teaspoons(using a measuring teaspoon), which is the
    approximate dose that most people find benefit at. Maca is expensive
    at this dosage if purchased from a health food store and so it is
    best to purchase it in bulk 1kg packages, which actually turns out to
    be quite cheap.

    This is a website by a lady that uses Maca and she provides good
    information and dosing instructions as well:

    This website sells Maca in bulk at the best prices I've seen:

    The following is an excerpt from a doctor that personally uses Maca
    for adrenal function:

    "Henry Campanile, MD., offers Adrenal Balancing Maca root
    In keeping with its mode of acting through the hypothalamus and
    pituitary, maca has a balancing and nourishing effect on the adrenal
    glands. Henry Campanile, MD, a 50-year old specialist in internal and
    family/complementary medicine practising in Florida states: "I happen
    to have been born with only one adrenal gland just like my father. I
    started taking cortisone in my late twenties to relieve the fatigue
    which I was already feeling. Knowing the dangers of long term
    cortisone use, I looked around for an alternative, and this
    circumstance is what got me interested in complementary medicine. I
    started using pregnenelone about 10 years ago and it has been fairly
    satisfactory. But one of my patients told me about Maca and I started
    taking it about a month ago.

    It is phenomenal! I haven't felt this good since I was 20 years old.
    I have so much energy and look so well, my patients have remarked on
    it and told me how rested I seem. I've got so much energy now, that
    I've started an exercise program". After trying it on himself, Dr
    Campanile began using maca with his patients. My first patient to
    take maca capsules was experiencing hot flashes and other menopausal
    symptoms. She started feeling much better after using this herb for
    only four days. I'm also employing it with patients who have a low
    adrenal function." "

    The following are informational links for Maca:

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    chap Junior Member

    thanks pmgamer, you were actually the one that inspired me to revisit this herb, and it has made a world of difference, interesting about cortisol, I didn't think that would be a mode of action in regards to improving mine (or your) libido... it works whether one is on hcg or test or natural, which makes it seem like it has nothing to do with those LH or testosterone pathways
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    Matt Muscle

    Matt Muscle Junior Member

    Chap, how long have used the maca for? Does it have a strong effect for a couple of weeks and then drop off like a lot of herbal products?

    If it were mimicking FSH you would think that it may increase the size of your testes?

    In regard to semen volume how much of a difference did it make to that?
    As you were talking about that "full feeling";) in another post in relation to FSH, has the maca helped recharge that feeling sooner.. if you know what I mean? If so, perhaps it has some stimulatory action on the seminal vesicles..
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    T Man

    T Man Junior Member

    Does maca cause any overstimulation or anxiety effects? It sounds very interesting. I am wondering how safe over the long run it is to use. I did read a few of the links.
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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    I am curious if anyone has given Long Jack (Tongkat Ali) or Horny Goat weed a try, and if so did you notice any improvement in libido?
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I have used Maca for over 4 yrs. I have anxiety problems and it seams to help it. It has lowered my BP not a lot but enough to see a difference. My hormones stay more leveled not going up and down fast. My seamen is a lot more went from a drop to a full load. If your on Thyroid meds Maca will change your levels so be care full 2 guys I talk to went hyper and had to lower there meds. I buy it by the KG.
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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    Thanks Phil that is good info since I am on Armour for thyroid. I ordered a pound of the powder this morning. What is a recommended dose? 1.5 tablespoons?
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    pmgamer18 Member

    If you read the links in the thread it tells you how to start. I take 1/2 a tsp 2 x's a day in the morning I mix it in my sugar free 4oz apple sauce and then at lunch I mix it into my fat free yogurt. I think you should start with one 1/2 a tsp to start.
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    Joe West

    Joe West Junior Member

    i tried HGW once for about 2 weeks. mildly kicked my libido up but i started bloating and my endurance got cut way down.

    last i looked for it, longjack was expensive.
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    1cc Junior Member

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    chap Junior Member

    Maca I found to be the best of all the herbs.

    I've experimented a lot with tribulus and hgw and found maybe it helped a bit for a while but not for long and maybe even hindered after awhile... not scientific so you might have more luck than I did.

    But Maca for sure increased my semen levels and did so every time I have tried it, except once when I bought a cheap brand that may have been poor quality herb, small dose works but if you really want to see dramatic results in a week try a teaspoon or so of powder a day (or 10 x 500 mg capsules). I don't know if it is a coincidence but it seems that my 'estrogen' effects I was experiencing, occasional hot flashes, also went away but I can't say that was the maca for sure as it may just mean I am reaching a stable hrt level now.

    For sure maca helped me before many times though, I'm hoping it will be a long term help as I haven't really stayed with it for months + before, I'll post in the future though, and you guys do the same with your experiences.
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    T Man

    T Man Junior Member

    Are there any known interactions with medications? Such as Antidepressents.
    None of the links mentioned any. But there was a disclaimer at the bottom of the Discovery health link.
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    1cc Junior Member

    There are a number of references on the web to Maca increasing progesterone. If this is the case, then this would account for you not having the "estrogen effects" because progesterone lowers estrogen.
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    Xpitbull2002 Junior Member

    Bump for this. I'm using wellbutrin ED and clonazepam PRN. And, I'm quite interested in this little herb.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I was on Wellbutrin and doing Maca not one problem.
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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    I hope Maca lives up to the expectation that is being extolled here(especially now that I have a pound on order).

    This article, written by a credible supplement company, is saying that Maca is a food used by Peruvians, and that it has, in the U.S., been way over hyped by some supplement retailers:

    http://www.rain-tree.com/maca.htm (this is one of Phil's links above).

    Peruvians eat pounds of the stuff every week, and they are not known to posses any mind blowing libido, or energy for that matter over and above anyone else.
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    1cc Junior Member

    I personally did not notice any libido enhancement from Maca. It did however improve adrenal function.
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    chap Junior Member

    I've thought about it more too, and perhaps it works best in those that it actually is correcting a progesterone problem or something along those lines.

    For me, when I was natural a number of years ago, but after having cycled steroids befoe many months before, I had difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculate volume was very low, when taking maca it made it definitely easier to orgasm and ejaculate volume was noticeably greater. That was my first success with the herb, and obviously something was out of whack with my hormones in the first place that it seemed to correct somewhat.

    Most recently I have noticed an improvement in libido, but today I was feeling a little bit down in libido again, so I don't know if it can cure every possible hormonal problem (of course not), but I am still in a state of hormonal changes and tinkering with arimidex dosages and not really sure what is going on most of the time. I could be high e2 or low e2 and not really have a clue.

    It amazes me that the natural youthful body can be so good at creating an extreme libido, when it is so damn hard to figure out ourselves. This tells me that we are still missing an important part of the puzzle.
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    Joe West

    Joe West Junior Member

    as far as i know, macas more or less like spinach or something. all it contains is vitamins like any other edible plant does.

    i heard nettle root lowers SHBG, thereby increasing the free/bioavailable test circulating.

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