Why dont more sources use bitcoin?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by pabstblue, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. pabstblue

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    just curiouse it has to be the safest quikest and easiest way to make a payment. wu has a database on your transactions and stuff. so i just don't see why more ugls dont use it i just made my first bitcoin transaction with dan at getm, i used https://coin.mx/ i bet their are better sites if some one know of any please let me know thanks
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    U.S. government has there eyes on bitcoin after silkroad, kinda like china with Obama saying something about china supplying steroids and fda all over india pharmacies right now. Just seems like that's the stuff there looking at, so for me I will wait till it is not so in the spot light if that makes sense.
  3. flex001

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    So much controversy with Bitcoin. It's great but Apple has gone against it by removing all Bitcoin wallet apps from their Market and Russia has outlawed Bitcoin deeming anyone that uses it as being suspicious. No one is quite sure of its future. I'm a fan though.
  4. Ravtech

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    Also, buying a bitcoin and then having its value crash 30% before it clears the ACH can really suck, it's too volatile of a currency to be reliable.
  5. johnnyBALLZ

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    Yea, it just feels too slippery for me at the moment..
  6. sludge

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    And so many exchanges getting hacked and their thousands of coins being stolen...

    Japan also has interest to tax it.
  7. WestGreen

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    Exacty, value fluctuation is too high right now. Especially after the most recent Mtgox scandal.
  8. agreed my bitcoin worth ia just goin up and down and sorces cant risk that
  9. Millard Baker

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    Anyone who has accumulated bitcoin for over a year isn't going to be too concerned about volatility. Those $600+ bitcoins have appreciated up from ~$40 over the past 12 months or so.
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    If I were a UGL, I'd accept bitcoin. Margins are low at the moment and gambling a bit would make sense....this is a job with lots of risk and the reward is not there IMO but with some bitcoin movement, it might help.
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    To anyone trying to get started with bitcoin-

    An easy way I got started was by downloading a wallet app. The app I chose was Multibit because it's easy to do transfers, set up new wallets, and put passwords on them.

    Then to actually get bitcoin I use www.virwox.com. It's a site that deals in virtual currency for the video game Second Life. However through a work around you can get bitcoin with it. I buy the currency for Second Life which is Lindens (SLL) with dollars from a green dot card. Then I transfer the SLL to bitcoin. Then I withdraw my bitcoin and transfer to my wallet on Multibit which has nothing to do with virwox. Since virwox is really about buying money for Second Life, they don't ask for personfal information to verify you like Mt. Gox did. Then since you never hold your money in virwox for a long time, the chance you can get hacked is super low.

    So $ to SLL to ? and into your wallet.

    it's stupid easy to do and takes ~3 minutes of clicking when you get used to it to transfer funds to your wallet. The only real downside I've found is Virwox charges a small fee to exchange currencies but I'll take that hit for the anonymity and ease of use :D
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    PS I just checked out coin.mx. If you want to stick with one of the exchanges I think bitstamp.com or coinbase.com have better exchange rates
  13. Millard Baker

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    Venture capitalists are betting tens of millions of dollars on bitcoin-related startups.

    Andreessen Horowitz alone has invested $50 million. Its a VC firm that has been investors/advisers to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc

    Dan Primack (Fortune Editor and leading VC/PE blogger) gets Bitcoin and promotes it in his latest post for the Term Sheet. : Bitcoin

    The potential of bitcoin is huge.
  14. MythotiK

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    I use coinbase