Why Home Brew?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by NorthMich, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. NorthMich

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    I’m new to all of this but I’m wondering why you guys brew your own

    - better quality gear because people involved?

    - less expensive gear?

    - access to gear you can’t find already commercially brewed?

    I’m very attracted to this kind of stuff and could see myself getting into this, so just looking to understand better
  2. -vegeta-

    -vegeta- Member

    cheaper. by a fuckload.
    you know you are dosing your best
    cause everybody loves 40mg dickpills to last a lifetime. phizer eont fuck me
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  3. NorthMich

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    So a lot cheaper. I supppose that opens up the budget to try other AAS
  4. TRT

    TRT Member

    Yup. You would never think Primobolan at 1000mg a week was in your budget till yuk start brewing.
  5. NorthMich

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    Are the basic brew raws easier to access as well as cheaper ?

    I’m tempted to start up a clean room. I have the space and can seal it off
  6. JackSmooth

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    Save thousands. You know it was made with precautions pertaining to sterlitly by yourself. You know there's an accurate amount of powder measured out(although you don't know purity unless tested). There are many exotic raws available a lot of labs don't carry, and you can choose mixes/blends and concentrations.
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  7. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    This is sounding better all the time...

    So a quality home lab to produce this stuff competently would run $1000? Good equipment - no shortcuts

  8. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    You can do it on less than $500 if it's just for self use
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  9. Eman

    Eman Member

    This is pretty subjective. I have a few hundred in it probably... Not including raws, but it's not a dedicated clean room. I don't believe that's needed unless you're brewing at a distribution level.

    I do it for all the reasons you pointed out already. It's cheaper and better quality for sure. I don't really have anything that's too exotic other than maybe bold cyp and test phenyl propionate... It's nice to have the option to make whatever I want, but exotic stuff can also be a pain in the ass to brew and hold.

    For perspective, my first brew session resulted in enough test cyp to last me maybe about 2 or possibly 3 years... That is accounting for TRT dosing and several high test blasts. It's the smoothest test cyp I've ever used and it cost me pennies on the dollar to what I would have paid a source for finished product. It took me less than an hour to do that.
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  10. NorthMich

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    Are guys doing this in the kitchen ?
  11. TRT

    TRT Member

    Yes and no. You can brew and use a syringe filter that will allow you to filter straight into a sterile vial that's already sealed. This is the easiest method. It so safe you could do it under a bridge with a bunch of bums next the fire pit. Lol
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  12. NorthMich

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    Ah ok. I saw pics of those Tupperware ghetto clean boxes with gloves ...

    Although I like the idea of a proper big box and long gloves - designed for this.
  13. LordSamuilo

    LordSamuilo Member

    Its just like any hobby you can get started for a couple hundred bucks , and syringe filter into sterile sealed vials with a caulking gun at the kitchen table . All the way up to having a 10k+ lab set up in a makeshift clean room . Obviously once you're in that ballpark youve probably move on from just making it for personal use lol ...

    Is there a bit more risk involved importing raw powder and ordering lab equipment and supplies and having them sent to a residential address ... yeah sure , but its all up to your own disgression. Do you want a little bit of extra risk and hassle to save money , and know exactly what is in your gear. Or do you just wanna pay the extra money for someone else to take the risk and do the leg work for you . And if so , hopefully you atleast trust the source you're buying from is doing you right . Which should be a given anyways, but if you stick around long enough youll see plenty of great sources go bad . So thats also something you need to consider .
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  14. picholas

    picholas Member

    Fume hood you can build a DIY one for ~$200
    I got my autoclave for $100 on ebay (shopped around and waited for a good deal)
    Vials are $0.50 or so when ordering them non-sterile and taking care of yourself
    Filters are about $15 and can safely do 250ml of oil
    I am more confident in my sanitary practices than some UGL
    I know the exact amount of raws going in
    And less likely to get scammed ordering raws IMO
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  15. TRT@40

    TRT@40 Member

    Where do you guys buy the supplies (not the raws) like the syringes, filters, vials...etc.
    From the brew forum or somewhere else, i came across med lab supply and medlabgear. What place do you guys use the most?
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  16. LordSamuilo

    LordSamuilo Member

    Yeah if you stick with a select few sources on the open boards you'll be ok . The problem is none of these guys actually manufacture shit , and most of them dont have enough capital to buy in bulk pricing . So thats when people start cutting their powders so they can boost their margins up .

    But technically raws were just as likely to be lower purity until recently , but ever since ppl came on the scene he's been very consistent with his raws atleast. Then add in all the testing options that have become available recently and it has made the perfect storm of competition and accountability. So its become a good time to be a home brewer , but before now unless you were in with a trusted private source there werent exactly a bunch of reliable powder sources on the public boards. Hit and miss at best ...
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  17. picholas

    picholas Member

    I'll PM you
  18. NorthMich

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    This is all excellent news.

    In the long run, for my own use only, would a fume hood and autoclave be reasonable?

    I’m much more interested in the quality the the gear, secondary is the $ savings. So if pre-sanitized vials are a little more $$, that’s cool. I’d invest in other gear, magnetic stir hot plate, etc
  19. picholas

    picholas Member

    I only started brewing recently so PPL and raw testing is all I know LOL, thankful for the veterans who put in the legwork for me.

    If you have an autoclave no need for pre-santized vials. Yes you want to be as sterile as possible from start to finish, but what happens prior to the filtration step doesn't matter too much (don't get water in everything or be sneezing in the raws)

    If you are doing simple brews for just personal use, syringe filters straight into sterile vials will be enough. Don't even need a crimper. Or even a fume hood.

    A step up is vacuum bottle top filters (use a glass media bottle the plastic cracks so easily) and an autoclave to sterilize everything. And you would be capping and crimping your own vials.

    Then after that you could upgrade to a more laboratory type setting. All glass everything filter, electric vacuum pump instead of hand, etc.
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  20. NorthMich

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    I can’t believe the constant flow of help from experienced people on this forum.
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