Why isn't fat burnung working so well my HGH?

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    I've been using about 4 IU pharm grade HGH for 7 monts or so and the fat loss isn't so prominent as I expected it to be from all the reports. With my training I actually gained allot weight, most of it muscle. But I am still far from being ripped, especially at the belly region.

    Could it be that HGH is causing me insulin resistance?
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    7 months of 4iu pharm grade is aggressive, and unnecessary, for fat loss... 2iu would make more sense, especially when considering blood glucose levels.

    Are you in a caloric deficit? If the answer is "NO", we are done here and you already have your answer.
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    Fat loss isn't only aim, it is also building some muscle, which worked fine, just the fat burning that is widely claimed for HGH in reports and even studys wasn't my experience for some reason.
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    Caloric deficit = fat loss, caloric surplus = no fat loss (or, minimal). That's your answer.
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  5. If you are taking more than 150mg/week testosterone you will not get ripped. You must keep your estrogen levels around 30.
    Any blood works?
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    Ignore this guy. He's a complete idiot and spamming the board.

    If you're in a caloric surplus, which it sounds like since you've grown, you won't burn fat. The fat burning is exaggerated I think. I've been on gh for a year and it hasn't done much of anything for fat loss, I'd say just kept me from gaining much fat as I grow.

    It shines when you're in a caloric deficit and do fasted cardio an hour after taking it
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    I have a feeling that when people talk about fat loss as a benefit they are below 12% to begin with and already have their diet on point. I have not lost weight either and I’m eating roughly 500 calories below maintenance not including my workouts so 4 times a week I’m eating about 1100 calories below maintenance. I am getting stronger though so I’m not complaining. Each time I grab my gut to do my dose, I have less to grab. The people saying that they go a couple weeks eating like crazy and not gain weight are most likely in their mid to early 20s and it takes months for an eating habit to become homestatic and show on the scale.
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    I started hgh recently and from what I've read it seems that it's important to not eat for a couple hours before, and after, the hgh injections for maximum fat burning. So I've been trying to do that to the extent possible. I've only been on for a month or so but I've definitely noticed fat burning and lean gains. I'm at 3 IU per day right now. I had very low baseline igf1 levels, and I think people in my situation get the most dramatic recomp effects, at least I hope so anyway lol. But it makes sense that somebody with low body fat and lots of lean mass and good baseline igf1, wouldn't see as dramatic recomp effects.

  10. Omg, you are killing this guy's with your advice. A caloric surplus WILL NOT MAKE YOU FAT if your fat intake is low. Only 5% of your carbs have potential to convert into fat and proteins are even more difficult to convert to fat.

    Then you tell the poor guy to get on a caloric deficit that's going to make him lose muscle.

    please stop giving advice.
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    Good job buddy, show me where I said a calorie surplus will make you fat. I said it has helped me to not gain fat while bulking this year. I guarantee you i have far more experience than you, and know far more with nutrition than you

    A caloric deficit will not necessarily cause muscle loss. This depends on many variables. Exact nutrition, exercise output, supplementation, aas and hgh, recover etc.

    Shut up and go to a different board.
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    Let me tell you the difference between 2iu and 5iu. Ive been using HGH for good portion of a decade and 5iu works way better at burning fat than 2iu. 8iu even better which is what ill be using shortly. And want to really burn some fat? Add 600-1000mg test E or C in every 5 days with .25 adex. I run a calorie surplus and just burn fat like a furnace. A clean diet is big portion of it. But i eat clean and ALOT. I dont waste time eating garbage or drinking alcohol. Its discipline day in and day out. But with my disciplined diet of eating tons of healthy food more importantly is keeping hormones in optimal range for fat burning. Now precontest of course you dont want to run big #s. Your depleting yourself and just preserving your muscle. But if you want more muscle and less fat you need to run 4-8iu per day of HGH and 600-1000mg test a week with some AI's.
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    This is bullshit... HGH is well known for its lipolytic effects both in studies and anecdotally. Check on my log in this sub forum. Running GH for a total of 3 months, I got a DXA scan done at 7/25 and 9/6 and had lost a total of 11 pounds of fat and gained 0.5 pounds of LBM.

    I was eating over 3k calories a days which I actually thought was right around maintenance but obviously wasn't, it was a deficit. It sounds straight out like your diet is not where it should be. GH is not magic, you have to make it work for you

    And I've already explained this to your ignorant ass, dietary fat is not the same as adipocytes. Stop spreading your useless propaganda. I used to think you're a troll, but Ive learned you might just be the dumbest person around.

    I ignored you long ago, but keep having to click show ignored comment, cause you're in every thread clogging it with your bullshit.
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    Where are you getting this info from???
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    I had estrogen levels at one point where they were 80-90 range and was 7% bodyfat running over 1 gram of test a week. That was before AI's like adex were popular. Now im in 30 range with the Adex but honestly i think i looked same/better when it was at 80-90. I just keep it lower with the Adex for health purposes. Not for the way it makes me look.
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    The kid I quoted is very scared of testosterone...
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    I DARE you, fucking DARE you to show me one example where someone was in a caloric deficit and gained fat from a high estrogen level... Seriously, you are retarded. I've taken over a gram of test + other compounds, without an AI and still had striations... So...?
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    Stop talking and go sit down at the plastic table. The grown ups are thru with you
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