Why should i take deca over npp

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  1. I did deca 3 years ago had deca dick.. now that i knkw my shit i want to try again!

    Iv been working out with my budy that competes and told be 12 weeks of deca at 900 and 4-6 week dbol 40-60 and test e or sust at 1g a week.

    Id rather use npp and i will have caber on hand and cialis and viagra.

    Now npp is way to much pins!! I will also use 50mg of aromasin ed and 50 proviron i am just scared of huge water retention and deca dixk
  2. I take caber from beginning to end. Makes my dick hard virtually as soon as I crack the bottle of caber. I dnt get any neg sides with it either.
    And for me, NPP all the way
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  3. Notits

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    Deca dick is bullshit. Take caber for Deca dick is bullshit x2.
  4. Hmmm
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  5. Would taking 10mg nolva ed help with water retention from high test?? I have to do 25mgof aromasin on 500 test e
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    Wow I've been on NPP for I think 8 weeks. Dick works fine.
    Control your estrogen and you're fine.
    Without blood work, this argument is pointless.
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    Lol out of no where. Have seen you in a minute dude! Hope you've been well.
    @Leangains4life what are your stats? That's a lot of nandrolone but I've done more funny things lol. Like @Robfromga stated ya need to get bloodwork and maybe a prolactin test while on that much milligrams of stair rods. With that much nandro il look like a water ballon no matter where my estro is at.
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    Why so much gear? Almost 2g of gear a week is yuge. I like 400mg Deca and 500/600 of Test.
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    I like NPP over Deca. I pin Test Prop and NPP EOD @ 100 mg each. Since adding in the NPP, my muscles are much fuller with no water gain.
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  10. 5'11 200
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    Well i can in a very very easy way get tons of nandrolone from the pharm.So is a good option?Better than oxandrolone.

    im very concern about my sexual health n shit in the real world 500ui of hcg is like a dessert if that way is good to me iwill increase the dose.

    My point?I dont want steroids like Anavar that after its use makes an increase in LH.Understand?
    Seems like my LH is high by nature n if you consider my work,is the cocktail to no get balls
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    50mg of aromasin ED? Damn, that's a high dose!
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  13. Not really...
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    Ya, what he said.
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    hey my old friend I haven't seen you for a while. caber is bull.

    E="Notits, post: 2010353, member: 64864"]Deca dick is bullshit. Take caber for Deca dick is bullshit x2.[/QUOTE]
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  16. A DHT, particularly Madteron, would totally off set the Deca dick. I have run both NPP and Deca together at relative doses, with Mast I stay horney all cycle long, no joke.
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    [/QUOTE]Will! Good to see you my friend. I hope life has been as good to you as it has to me lately. Good to see you.
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  19. What I said bro..I think it's common knowledge regarding Mast. I think it's a safer attempt before attempting something like caber.

    What do you suggest?
  20. I see nothing wrong with popin caber lol! I know about 100 plp popin advils ed and having there daily alcool drink cigaretes and couple drink each nigjt