Why testing GH with HPLC is challenging

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    Simply put, GH is a long (191 aminoacids) and complex molecule
    and it only takes a single chemical change or a single amino-acid to hydrolyze (cleave off) itself out of the molecule to prevent it from exerting its full activity in the body, no matter if the chemical change comes from degradation or from faulty synthesis or extraction.

    The degradation products are so similar to the original molecule that they may come out of the chromatography column at the same time as GH does.

    The studies tried to address SOME of the possible degradation products, but not all of them.

    GH methods often needs custom columns, priced at $1000+ each
    Also, columns need a time and solvent consuming equilibration "flushing". And when not in use they need to be stored with solvent in them.
    So they won't usually bother to buy columns unless they will test hundreds of samples.

    HPLC Analysis of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) on Discovery® BIO PolyMA-WAX