Why Trump doesn't travel-ban North Korea?

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by master.on, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. master.on

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    And some other rogue countries
    so both we get rid/avoid potentially dangerous people
    and he avoids courts arguing that he is only banning islamic countries
  2. Big_paul

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    The first funking intelligent post you have made. The truth is that he is all bluster and bullshit, but deep inside where no one else sees he is a fucking coward. As were the last 4 presidents.
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  3. Big_paul

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    The time is now to destroy n korea. Will we wait unitl they can destroy the west coast?

    As it is s korea will be destroyed. Tokyo may take a few scuds, but it beats having west coast cities destroyed.

    Every president since Clinton has kicked this can down the road. It is reminds me of chamberin and nazi Germany, except the current leader of N Korea is a homicidal child.
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  4. flenser

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    NK places a travel ban on its own people. Try to leave and you die.

    The people there are powerless precisely because of the sanctions imposed by the rest of the world. If those sanctions were lifted, the NK government would collapse, probably in under a decade. When it does finally collapse it's going to make Venezuela look like a socialist paradise.
  5. XKawN

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    N. Korean citizens haven't declared the US an enemy and pledged to kill westerners. Atleast not to my knowledge.
  6. master.on

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    Let's ban Venezuela by the way

    Let's make an anonymous survey in the streets of (add rogue country here) North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, whatever
    What do you think about Americans?
    write down the answers, likely not many everyday citizens hate America

    Now let's make the same anonymous survey in France
    You'll fine most French hate Americans/America!

    Conclusion: travel-ban France!
    they hate us more than North-Koreans, Venezuelans, Iranians, Iraquians, Libyans, Syrians, and so on
  7. Big_paul

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    Only if we interfer with the supreme leaders ambitioun.

    A well placed cruise missle could end it all. I think that there is s good argument to be made that a decapitation attack could bring about a new and sain government that could work with the south and possibly reunite the Korean peninsula.
  8. Roco Bama

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    North Korea still exists because of china to keep USA away from Chinese sea. N Korea already have a nuclear bomb and I believe they will never collapse as long as china exists.
  9. flenser

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    I don't mean collapse due to the failure of communism. I mean collapse due to officials, oligarch wannabes, getting bought out by capitalists. The same thing that happened in the Soviet Union. The will of the people had been crushed, and would likely have stayed that way indefinitely without the lure of Western capital.
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  10. master.on

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    Trump warned on stiff, Cuba-like sanctions on N.Korea and on those who deal with it = china
    And guess what? US factories would rejoice with such sanctions = less competition from chinese products.