Why Var became so affordable?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by master.on, May 20, 2019.

  1. master.on

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    Var used to be so highly priced that it was often faked
    but now, 2 chinese sources quote it under $6 per gram
    What drove down the prices?

    BTW, I'm suddenly interested in Var again
    to use it in the weeks I'm off Dbol or Adrol (within the cycle)

    Something like:
    Weeks 1-6
    1g Mast E + 500 mg EQ + 500 mg Deca (+ hcg) Every Week
    Var 50 mg Every Day

    Weeks 7-12
    1g Mast E + 500 mg EQ + 500 mg Deca (+ HCG) EW
    Adrol or Dbol 50 ED

    Var is a Class II steroid (little binding to the Androgen Receptor), so it's better stacked with injectables,
    but unlike other orals, it's relatively mild on the liver so it can help in the weeks off harder orals.
  2. SmallWoody

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    Everything in raw form is cheap.
  3. EazyE

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    How much test are you running weekly on this cycle? Good amount of gear overall.
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  4. Brawny

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    Personally I liked Var at 75mg a day
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  5. chileandawg

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    The problem with var and the "good nice feelings" is that you can use it at high dose and lose all your libido trying to emulate winstrol or mixing with test but this have in feeling terms two problems:

    High dose of test with high dose of var = Not covered feeling

    Low test with High var= Covered feeling but get lethargy due low test - like fast training with some stupid shit like coffeine and arginine
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  6. chileandawg

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    like fasting training I mean
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  7. Rockclimber

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    1g MastE + 500 mg EQ + 500 mg Deca + Anavar

    Holy hell brother, are you sure you're taking enough steroids?
  8. Breakneck

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    I dunno what drove it down but I have it from a few sources and with my luck it's been real so far and cheaper than years past.

    Your cycle seems to be like a reverse bodybuilders cycle and from the 70's/80's.

    I'm interested in your logic and how it's worked for you.

    Like you take heavy mass builders at the end, no test, and Anavar before the mass builders.
    So it seems like you'd be pretty cut up then gaining a bunch of water weight from the heavy hitters. Is that what happens and any other pros and cons of your cycle would be appreciated?
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  9. Meso's robot isn't fond of Test, due to it's aromatizing effects.
    Nevermind the effects of Deca and hcg on E2 levels.

    That's not important. What's important is that bodybuilders from the 60's ran cycles without Test, and if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for him.
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    Can somebody get this man some overpriced var?
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    How do you know what testosterone feels like? I mean, aside from the jungle rot you gave yourself from your homebrew you never log anything other than clomid and lady var cycles. And how does a low dose of test make you feel like shit? Wouldn't the point of low dose test be to keep your test levels inside the normal range so you don't feel like shit from having no test at all? Don't try to answer the question, I dont want the thread to fill with smoke as your brain starts to overheat. You do have very nice crescent roll titties though. Butter them up and take more selfies cupcake
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    LMFAO. Morning Icky. Hope you are well.
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    This fuckstick has to stop posting. Pea brained and reckless, a bad combo. Doing alright man, thanks for asking. I need a vacation. A beach in Mexico, some tequila and water, maybe a little smoke. Lol, no rest for the wicked. Hope you and yours are doing well!
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    Doing fine amigo. Hit a 200 pound deer in a Toyota Tacoma going 55 the other day. Slammed the hood open so hard it dented the top of the cab. Good thing though as the hood kept the deer from coming in the cab. Thought I woke up in a coffin at my own funeral with all the airbags that went off. Lol. Life is good brother.
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    Dinner. All you need is some red wine and a few candles to set the mood lol
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    Now how will you have fun if he stops posting?
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    What the hell was a deer doing in a Toyota Tacoma doing 55?
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    He can't help himself. It's like mindless around young boys,
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    Crescent roll tiddies. Lmao...
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