Why Var became so affordable?

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    It’s too bad masteron isn’t more anabolic. I heard sdrol is methylated TWICE. My liver wants to slap me in the face everytime I run Winstrol. So I think sdrol is out of the question other wise it would take masteron place.
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    I'm thinking of running sdrol in a couple of weeks. It agrees with me. I liked winstrol too! I must have an iron liver cause my parents met in AA, haha! Dead serious.
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    Your lucky, a shit liver is something I obviously worked hard to get for years but Now that I am in recovery. It seems like it keeps getting worse.
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    You ever rank oxy? If so, was winstrol worse for you than oxy?
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    Anadrol?? Or the drug??
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    Oh yeh sorry, meant anadrol
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    I currently have some, but Based on my last blood test I have of ton of test in my system, I am really sensitive to estrogen, beat gyno years ago, so I figure that the first time I run it I would rather be safe than sorry and wait until my levels come down. I see it happening in the fall. I am going to be taking a break here in a month. And cruise at 125mg of sustanon for a couple months, once then add in the anadrol.
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    Yeh probably the best thing to do - planning on trying anadrol too, thinking 50mg a day
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    Winstrol going by my blood test rise liver values much more than adrol. Have take both and always do bloods winstrol is crazy harsh on ur liver. Injectable is a little better but fuck it hurts. It works wonders on me but going to stay away from it from now on. I used var and values only went up about 7 to 7 % at 60 mgs per day.
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    anaboliclab.com to find a verified source. I've used Pharmacom and alpha, happy with both. Anavar is my favorite steroid
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    The cheapest I could find around here for my prescription was $300 something for (60) 10 mg. I did find a compounding pharmacy in Texas that will fill cheaper. Still not cheap though.
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    For $300 I could cap 5000+ 10mg tabs. You’re straight up losing money if you don’t get raws when it comes to AAS especially Anavar.
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    People say primo is expensive too. It's not expensive at all if you get the raws and brew it yourself, or cap it yourself with primo ace.
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    If your in the underground AAS raw black market then life is good... Right now. I believe it’s gonna change in the next 10 years. China may crack down on it and drive it even more underground. Then you’ll watch prices for designer AAS go sky high. Primo be worth more then gold.
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    Eh, it’s still pricy IMO
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    Where do you get machines/caps for 10mg?

    I think you're losing money especially on orals since you basically need no other investment. The raws for most orals are sooo cheap
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    Well, you buy the home capping machine and buy your caps in bulk.
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    I found a #4 cap machine on eBay For cheap. 4’s are usually the most expensive since you don’t really see them. Sasquatch caps were #4 I believe. I like how small they are.

    Then you buy some 1000 caps for around $10 and your good.
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    Thanks guys, I usually come across 300-500mg caps and machines, now that would hit home hard I imagine lol.

    Going to check what I can find
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    Yeah take it easy on me, I just want a nice beach physique, I never meant to compete or anything.

    I love 70s 80s -like cycles and their aesthetics

    I believe Mast E is a bit weaker than Primo E,
    so 1g Mast E = about 700-800 mg Primo E
    not a huge dosage.
    Read below for Class I II

    Class I roids bind with high affinity to the Androgen Receptors while Class II don't. It doesn't have to do with being any more androgenic or not.
    Anabolic Steroid Classification System - Class I and Class II Androgens
    How to Stack Steroids
    Pharmacological Differences Between Anabolic Steroids

    Class I : binds to androgen receptor
    AAS :
    PH's :
    Masteron (Dromostanolone) based - Superdrol & Clones
    Boldenone based - 1,4AD & Bold
    Progestin based - (similar to trenbolone ) - Trenadrol & Trenaplex
    Dienolone based - (again similar to tren ) - Mdien
    Mepitiostane (Thioderon) based - Epistane & Clones (like Havoc & so on so forth)
    Desoxymethyltestosterone/DMT (Madol) based phs - Pheraplex & clones
    DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) based phs - M5AA

    Class II : Does not bind to androgen receptor
    Winstrol (possibly somewhat mixed)
    oral turinabol (Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone) based - Halodrol & Clones
    Dianabol (methandrostenolone ) based - M1,4ADD, M1T, 1-T, Methyl XT
    Winstrol (stanozolol ) based - Winztrol, Orastan-A, Furaguno, etc
    Furazabol (miotolan) based - Furazadrol etc
    Progesterone based - Revolt, Propadrol, Max LMG
    Clostebol based - Chlorodrol, Oxyguno

    Probably Oral turinabol , but I haven't done adequate trials with it.
    Class I and II steroids, science fiction or real life impact ? - AnabolicMinds.com

    Var is actually Class I (I was wrong), according to Bill Roberts
    Anavar - Steroids Profile

    May I ask what are your Var dosages like, and what do you stack it with?

    The only problem is that it's hard to brew PIP-free Primo over 100 mg/ml. You can only get so big with 1g Primo per week and you quickly run out of bodyparts to pin, so you'd need to stack Primo with orals.
    (thus Mast E became a good enough Primo replacement for me).

    Time to stock up?

    There are no 10 mg caps, they'd be too tiny
    So you'd need to dilute Var with some other powder
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