Why Var became so affordable?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by master.on, May 20, 2019.

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    Popularity, same as dbol. Also, you see how many girls are using Anavar now? Popularity would be my guess
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    I've went as high as 50, test and mast last time.
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    I wasn't looking to make money on deal. I wanted a legitimate prescription and had the opportunity to get it prescribed for an on label condition but insurance still wouldn't budge. I've never imported raws, brewed my own or anything like that. I don't use much and would never consider selling it. But I get what you're saying, raws are cheapest. I have had raw var powder from a local source that was good, used it for a couple of months along with my HRT dose of test to check out its effect. Definitely wasn't dbol or winny which I'd used both of before. Then I just measured out my dose a couple of times a day on my mg scale and saw crazy strength increase. I didn't bother capping. Even at 20mg a day. It didn't noticeably affect my lipids or liver values when checked a few weeks later. Although I had obviously given it a little time I expected to at least see some sign instead I had my best labs in years.
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    No,, I was referring about the classification system in the web site below
    How to Stack Steroids
  5. Hacksaw Jim

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    No,, I was referring about the steroid class system that is talked about in the web site below
    How to Stack Steroids
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    Throw a sarm in there like osatarine, or LGD for energy if you find yourself getting lethargic, of course this is my opinion and opinions are like assholes everybody has one , cheers!
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    It’s basically sold under the guise of being a method to control body fat in men, which of course medically reduces possibilities for all kinds of issues. However, that’s just BS...but it is a great way to get pharma grade Var. lol
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    It sure is Hahah.

    These things would be madness were I live.